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MS-3 – June-2007

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MS-3 – June-2007


1 (a) What is Environmental Movement ?

(b) Discuss in detail the policy measures taken by the Government and the efforts made by business firms for promotion and protection of the nafural

environment. Give examples.

2. What is the rationale for private sector development ? Critically examine the problems and prospects of privatisation.

3. What are the long term objectives of planning ? How far have the strategies adopted helped to achieve growth, employement, and equity ?

4(a) Discuss the merits and demerits of currency convertibility for a developing economy.

(b) Discuss the incentives given by the Government to Exporters as a part of EXIM Policy.

5. (a) briefly discuss the significance and need for financial reforms

(b) What reforms have taken place in the Small Scale Sector ? Discuss with example

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