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Ms-68 December, 2009 Management Of Marketing

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December, 2009

Ms-68 : Management Of Marketing



1. (a) What are the stages involved in Promotional Planning and Strategy ? Explain the same by taking an example of a product of your choice.

(b) What do you understand by composition of an advertisement ? What factors are taken

into consideration for the same ? Give suitable examples.

2. (a) What is Media Scheduling ? What are the various types of Media Schedules that are available to an Advertiser ?

(b) Discuss the differences and similarities between traditional and internet Advertising

with suitable example.

3. (a) What is Trade Promotion ? How is it different from Consumer Promotion ? What

are the basic considerations useful in systematic organisation of Trade Promotion ? Discuss with suitable examples.

(b) How does the Marketing Communication Strategy vary with the different stages of

Product Life Cycle ? Explain with reference to Maturity and Decline Stages.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Direct Mail

(b) Sources of Misunderstanding in Communication

(c) Copy Testing

(d) Social Marketing Communication

(e) Methods of Setting Advertising Budgets


5. XYZ is a well known rice      brand in North India. The company owning this brand now wants to enter the Ready-to eat food market. The company wishes to market both  vegetarian (Vegetable, Soups, Snacks etc.) and non-vegetarian (Chicken Curry, Chicken Biryani etc.) food products on a national scale.

Advise a promotional plan to the company covering the following aspects :

(i) Creative Messages for the Advertisement

(ii) Media Planning Strategy.

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