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Ms-92 June, 2011 Management of Public Enterprises

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June, 2011

Ms-92 : Management of Public Enterprises


1.  'Economic development was sought to be achieved in different countries at different stages of development through different economic models.' Keeping this statement in mind list out the different models of economic growth. Discuss any two models.

2.  Explain the various methods of parliamentary  control and discuss their relevance in the present context.

3.  Write a brief note on the financial performance of State Level Public Enterprises (1-31,Pfs) with special reference to State Electricity Boards (SEf.3s).

4.  List out the various techniques of project  Management used in Public Enterprises. Critically evaluate PERT and Critical Path Method (CPM).

5.  Write short notes on :

Naresh Chandra Committee

Narayan Murthy Committee


6.  Over the recent past  illy l rover!Iment of disinvested a part of equity of some of the Public Enterprises. What are the motivations behind such steps and how the Government plans to utilize the money ? What benefits are likely to ensure from the public point of view ? Discuss.

7.  Over the past decade Indian Railways, by and large have shown improved performance, what are the reasons behind such performance ? Would you, in this context, support privatisation of the railways ? Justify

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