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Ms-6 Dec 2011

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MS-6   Dec, 2011

MS-6 : Marketing for managers

1. (a) The essence of Marketing is a "Transaction". Discuss the above statement and give reasons in support of your answers with suitable illustrations.

,(b) Explain the term 'Marketing Strategies'. Outline the possible marketing strategies

that may be used at the growth and decline stages of any Product/Brand of your choice.

2.(a)What type of promotion - mix can be used in the Promotion of the following product services :

(i) School Bags

(ii) Industrial Fans

(iii) Fast food Restaurant

(b) What arc the major functions of Packaging ? What is the type of Packaging you would recommend in the following cases and why ?

(i) Sea food for exports

(ii) Unisex perfume

3. (a) Why do many firms use a family brand ? What are the risks associated with this strategy in case the new product is sub-standard ?

(b) What pricing strategy will you follow for the following Product/Services ? Justify your answer :

(i) a new fruit juice bland

(ii) DTH television broadcast services

4. Write short notes on any three of the following.

(a) Reasons for the growth of service sector

(b) Matrix Organisation

(c) Life style marketing

(d) Approaches for sales forecasting

(e) Bases for market segmentation.

5. (a) You are the Marketing Manager of a medium - sized manufacturing company. The CEO of the company has just made the following statement : "The distribution activity is not a concern of the marketing department. The function of marketing depaitment is to sell the product let the rest of the company handle production and distribution". How would you reply to this statement ? Discuss.

(b) Titan Eye plus, an arm of Titan Industries has announced the launch of sunglasses Fiesta, for a limited period offer show casing best sunglasses brand. Develop a suitable launch strategy for the product.

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