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1. What is corporate planning and what are its important characterstics? 
2. Corporate planning is as good as its implementation Discuss. 
3. What is corporate management? Discuss its nature and scope. 
4. Explain the benefits and failures of corporate planning. 
5. Narrate corporate planning process in brief. Also state the benefits of corporate planning. 
6. Explain various types of implementation issues in brief. 
7. What is behavioral implementation? Explain it with the help of the details of a company. 
8. What is strategic control? How is it different from operational control? 
9. Narrate briefly the approaches to the corporate management. Which one is the best in Indian environment? 
10. Critically evaluate the role of board of directors in corporate management process. 
11. Write a note on corporate management in non- business organizations
12. Write notes on the following: 
a. Procedural implementation 
b. Role of consultants in corporate management 
c. Approaches to corporate management. 



1) Discuss the concept of strategy.
2) Explain the nature and components of strategy.
3) What are the various levels at which a strategy may exist?
4) Distinguish between corporate level strategy and business level strategy.
5) State various schools of thought regarding strategy formation.
6) Name at least four Indian Companies under each of the grand strategies.
7) Explain the significance and limitations of corporate strategy.
8) Write notes on the following:
a) Vector
b) Synergy
c) Business Level Strategy
9) Corporate level strategies are important for business level strategies comment.


1) What do you mean by corporate policy? What are the different views with
respect to corporate policy?
2) Discuss the features of corporate policy. What are the essentials of an effective
corporate policy?
3) How is corporate policy formulated? Describe with the help of a diagram.
4) In todays changing scenario, what is the importance of forming a corporate
5) How is corporate policy classified? What are the various kinds of corporate
6) Select an organization of your choice and name various types of policies it had



1. Explain the concept of Corporate Governance. 2. Why has it become necessary for business houses to have a good corporate Governance? Discuss. 3. Discuss the emergence of CorporateGovernance as a concept.

Top Management and Corporate Governance  

1. Discuss the legal and managerial roles of BoDs. 
2. Should the role of Chairman and CEO be merged? Explain. 
3. What are the major attributes of creating an Effective Borad?

Code and Laws for Corporate Governance 


1) What are the major recommendations of Kumar Manglam Birla Committee report.?

2) Discuss the issues, which result in bad corporate governance. Suggest some measures to curb them.

3) Develop a case of an organization where good corporate governance has resulted in the increase in performance of the organization.



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