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Tourism. (7)



1 Mention the role played by seasonality in tourism Answer with examples?

2 Discuss the various types of accommodation used by toruists ?

3 Write an essay on subsidiary services in tourism?

4 Mention the threats and obstacles to tourism in India. Give examples also?

5 What role can the local bodies and officials play in tourism development at a destination ?

6 How is history used and misused in tourism?

7 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following :
(i) Relevance of maps in tourism
(ii) Role of media in tourism promotion
(iii) Social impacts of tourism

8 What do you understand by tourism system ? Mention the various forms of tourism?

9 How does a tour operator package a tour ? Prepare a two day itinerary of a package tour of your choice?

10 Mention with examples the skills required to be a tourist guide?

11 What do you mean by tourism ? Discuss the various types of tourism.

12 Write short notes on any two in about 200 words each
(a) Special Interest Tourism
(b) Alternative Tourism
(c) Silk route 
(d) Sustainable Tourism

13 What is tourism system ? Discuss its various components?

14 "In the recent past transport has become the back bone of Tourism". Discuss the statement with special reference to India?

15 What are the different subsidiary services involved in tourism ?
16 Define Guides and Escorts. For successful guiding what qualities are required ?

17 "India is a land of different Seasons". Discuss the potential of tourism with reference to Landscape, Environment and Ecology of India?

18 "Tourism Marketing is the base of tourism". Do you agree ? If yes, justify your answer.

19 Write a note on living culture and performing arts of India?

20 Discuss the Socio-Economic impacts of tourism?

21 Write an essayon historical evolution of tourism?

22 What are the various constituents of Tourism industry ? Describe their linkages.

23 Discuss the functions of a tour operator?

24 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following :
(a) Escorts
(b) Political impacts of Tourism
(c) Role of Performing Arts in Tourism

25 Define the following in about 100 words each :
(a) Promotional events
(b) Market research
(c) Product life cycle
(d) Travel Agency

26 Write an essay on informal services in Tourism?

27 Discuss the sources of information needed for tourism business?

28 Write an essay on India's Biodiversity ?

29 \tVhat is the role of Monuments and Museums in tourism ?

30 Mention the infrastructure required for tourism development?

31 Explain the term "Tourism" and describe the various purposes which motivates people to indulge in Tourism activities ?

32 Why is it necessary for a tourism professional to obtain knowledge about regulations related to Tourism ? Describe any four important regulations related to the travel trade.

33 Discuss the need and importance for Tourism statistics. Explain briefly the various statistical means for assessing and comparing tourism sector data ?

34 Describe the major characteristics of a service product. What are the steps involved in developing a service product ?

35 Write short notes in about 150 words each (any four of the following) : 
(a) Types of tourist Accommodation units in India.
(b) Seasonality in Tourism
(c) Guides and Escorts
(d) Role of media in Tourism Promotion 
(e) Travel writing

36 Discuss the various operating functions of a Travel Agency. Also establish linkages between Travel Agencies and Tour Operation companies?

37 Elaborate the various steps in the Tourism Planning Process and discuss the role of Local Bodies in the development of Tourism at destinations.

38 Answer any two in about 300 words each : 
(a) Why do personnels in the Tourism Industry need to have a pleasing personality and
(b) good communication skills ? Identify and discuss the role of subsidiary services in Tourism.
(c) Mention the relationship and interdependence of infrastructure development and tourism.


1 What are the methods of profiling tourists ? How does it help in promoting a destination ?

2 Discuss various types of museums. How can they be used for educational purposes ?

3 Discuss the city of Mumbai as a tourism destination for different types of tourists?

4 Discuss the adventure sports tourism with special reference to India?

5 Write a detailed note on the importance of crafts and folk art in the promotion of tourism?

6 Give a detailed account of the project of 'Palace Wheels'. Is it a successful project ?

7 Discuss the policy of the government for marketing Indian tourism outside India?

8 What do you understand by highway services ? How has the state of Haryana used them for promoting tourism ? 

9 Describe the basic concept of beach and island tourism with examples from Kovalam and Lakshdweep ?

10 Write short notds on any two of the following in about 250 words each :
(i) Taj Mahal as a monument
(ii) Khajurahofestival
(iii) Gir National Park
(iv) Tirupati and Kamakhya

11 Write a comprehensive note on the anthropology of tourism?

12 How are escorting Services important for tourism ? Discuss

13 Prepare a plan for a group of foreign tourists to undertake a daylong tour of any popular tourist city of India?

14 Describe Mumbai as a business city ?

15 Discuss the usefulness of adventure sports for tourism and give suitable examples?

16 Examine the tourism potential of Kovalam beach resort?

17 Write an essay on evolutionary stages of the growth of the pilgrim Tourism in India?

18 Describe Palace on wheels and its significance as a tourism product?

19 What is Operation Europe ? How did it help tourism ? Discuss.

20 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following : 
(a) Gir National Park
(c) Heritage Hotels

21 What is the advantage of profiling tourists ? How do you profile foreign tourists ? Explain. 

22 Describe Taj Mahal to a group of domestic tourists visiting AgrU for the first time?

23 Take a group of foreign tourists on a visit to Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai and describe it to them?

24 Write a detailed letter to your friend giving information about Khajuraho Festival?

25 Discuss the role of cuisine in promoting a tourism destination?

26 Discuss the historic importance of jim Corbett National Park in promoting wildlife tourism in India?

27 Examine the role of cultural festivals in tourism in India?

28 Give an account of Kalinga-Bali yatra and its significance for Regional tourism?

29 Give details of Heritage Hotel Scheme and discuss its role in tourism promotion ?

30 Write about 300 words each on any following :
(a) Guest Host Relationship.
(b) Highway Services.
(c) Arts and Crafts in Tourism.

31 Mention the factors that effect the Guest-Host relationship in Tourism Industry ?

32 What are the attributes of a good wildlife Tourism Guide ? What are the problems faced by wildlife Tourism Guides and Escorts ?

33 As a Tour Manager, explain the points to consider while preparing for a tour. Also mention the problems one may encounter with tourists during a tour?

34 Explain with the help of an example, the role of Dance Festivals in attracting tourists to India.

35 Examine the tourism potential of Gir National Park?

36 Explain the role of crafts and folk art in Tourism?

37 Write an essay on the Kalinga-Bali Yatra?

38 Discuss the role and importance of PATA in the Tourism Industry ?

39 What do you understand by Heritage Hotel ? Explain the features of a Heritage Hotel.

40 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each 
(a) Taj Mahal
(b) Hindu Pilgrimage sites in India
(c) Beach Tourism


1 Mention the skills required to be an entrepreneur ?

2 Define management. Discuss the various management iszues in tourism?

3 Define the {ollowing in about 100 words each :
(i) Business Traveller
(ii) Balance Sheet
(iii) Projgct Appraisal
(iv) Controlling

4 Discuss the steps you would take to plan a convention?

5 Discuss the relevance of public relations in tourism business?

6 What do you understand by Human Resource Management ? Discuss its importance for tourism organisations?

7 Write an essay on food service management ?

8 How has information technology changed the management functions in tourism? Answer with examples.

9 Discuss the significance of management concept and the roles and responsibilities of a manager in present day competitive and multinational
business environment.?

10 What kind of qualities are required to become a successful Entrepreneurship in Tourism ?

11 Discuss the various views related to organisation structures?

12 What is Transactional Analysis ? Discuss its importance in relation of Tourism Business?

13 Write a note on Human Resource Management in Tourism ?

14 Discuss the role of I.T. on the various sectors tourism. Give relevant examples ?

15 Discuss the essential components of a tour package?

16 Discuss the role of Public Relation in tourism.?

17 Do you think Low Cost Carriers in India can survive for long ? Give your opinion with relevant examples.

18 "Convention is an integral part of modern tourism business." Comment ?

19 Discuss the role of small and Medium Enterprises in economic growth of a country?

20 Discuss the important management issues involved in tourism trade.

21 What are the various steps involved in planning ? Discuss with reference to a tourism

22 Discuss the importance of interpersonal behaviour in tourism business?

23 Write short notes (any two) :
(a) Ego States
(b) Life Position
(c) Recruitment
(d) Selection Process

24 What are the different components of Marketing Mix in tourism ? Which one would you recommend for Indian Tourism ?

25 . Write short notes (any two) :
(a) Profit and Loss statement
(b) Balance Sheet
(c) Profitability Analysis
(d) Break Even Point

26 Differentiate between tour operator and travel agent. What are the various linkages in 
travel trade ?

27 Discuss the importance of Public Relation in Tourism ?

28 How do you foresee the future of Convention Industry in India ?

29 Define Management. Mention the roles and responsibilities of a Manager in a tourism

30 Why is decision making important in tourism trade ? Discuss the steps involved in decision making.

31 Explain Conflict. Discuss how conflict influence inter-group relations and group performance ?

32 Discuss the importance of human resource management in tourism ?

33 Write an essay on sources of finance?

34 As a manager, what type of briefings would you give to your subordinates for the smooth conduct of a tour ?

35 Analyse various issues related to tourism transport management?

36 What are the managerial tasks involved in organising conventions ?

37 Explain the responsibilities of a tour manager in conducting a tour?

38 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following :
(a) Management issues in hotels
(b)Public relations in Tourism
(c) Profitability analysis


1 Discuss customs and rituals related to life cycle? 

2 How can various archaeological sites in India be made attractive for the tourists ?

3 Critically examine the stylistic classification of music in India ?

4 Differentiate between Hindi cinema and regional cinema. Analyse in brief the achievements of Indian cinema ?

5 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each :
(i) Mughal Architecture
(ii) Parsi Theatre
(iii) Papier Mache

6 Analyse chief characteristic features of north Indian cities in the 6th century B.C. ?

7 Discuss the growth of Indian handicrafts. Enumerate the weaknesses of the handicrafts sector in India?

8 Examine salient features of tourism policy in India?

9 Discuss various sculptural forms of ancient India?

10 Write a note on major Hindu sects?

11 Describe the richness of Indian culture and its assimilative traditions ?

12 Write a brief note on some of the major fairs and festivals of India ?

13 Write a detailed note on the conservation of culture ?

14 Analyse the socio-cultural changes during theGupta period ?

15 Trace the development of cinema in post independence India ?

16 Discuss the development of Mughal architecture.Name at least five important Mughal monuments which are used as tourist attraction ?

17 Write a note on Indian textiles and custumes ?

18 Discuss beliefs, cultural patterns and dress styles of some of the important tribes of India?

19 Assess the growth of wood and metal crafts of India ?

20 Write short notes an any two of the following in about 300 words each :
(a) Mohenjodaro
(b) Modern Indian Paintings
(c) Folk Theatre
(d) Ancient Sculpture

21 Discuss 'Cultural involution' in the case of Bali and Toraja. What significance can it have in Indian case ?

22 Give an account of the main features of Bhakti and Sufi movements in India ?
23 Discuss the essential elements that constitute Indian music ?

24 Discuss various forms of modern Indian theatre.How can theatre contribute in the promotion of tourism ?

25 Write a note on the stupa and rock-cut architecture in Ancient India ?

26 Discuss the roles of the Museum in the promotion of Tourism ?

27 What is identity ? Discuss the formation of Tribal identity?

28 What are the government policies for the development of tourism in India ?

29 What is the role of mass media in development of tourism ?

30 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each , 
(a) Pottery in the Ganga Valley
(b) Image of women in Indian Cinema
(c) Kumbh Mela
(d) Papier Mache.

31 Discuss the important characteristics of Indian festivals and fairs. Can they be used as tourism products ?

32 Discuss the main features of Indo-Islamic architecture. Pick up any 2 monuments of your choice ?

33 Describe the main tribal zones of India. How will the development of tourism affect them ?

34 Write a note on the development of modern Indian theatre ?

35 List the main textiles of India. Which ones do the tourists like the most ?

36 Why is the conservation of culture important ? Explain the main aspects of this conservation.

37 Write a note on the evolution of modern Indian painting?

38 Discuss the various features of the Bhakti and Sufi movements in India ?

39 Write a note on the importance of stone craft in the Indian handicrafts tradition ?

40 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each : 
(a) Rock-cut architecture
(b) Women in Indian Cinema
(c)Educational Role of Museums
(d)Tradition of Religious Tolerance in India


1 Explain the meaning of Abiotic Environment with the help of appropriate examples?

2 Discuss the impact of tourism on environment and suggest measures to reduce adverse impacts ?

3 Write an essay on Responsible Tourism ?

4 What is Tourism Master Plan ? Explain.

5 Analyse critically the relationship between conservation requirements and development ?

6 Describe Chipko Movement and the debate on building large dams in India ?

7 Discuss how tourism is both an opportunity to the locals as well as pressure on locals?

8 Evaluate the impact of tourism on wildlife?

9 Discuss the importance of wetlands. Also examine the impact ol tourism on wetlands ?

10 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each :
(i) The Aquatic Biomes
(ii) Indian Philosophy and Environment
(iii) VisitorBehaviour
(iv) The Making of Shimla
(v) Adventure Sports

11 What are the different components of the abiotic environment ? How have they changed with time ?

12 Explain main elements of Indian philosophical views on environment?

13 Write an essay on the relationship between environment and development?

14 What is multiplier effect ? How does it affect the economy of an area 

15 How does tourism affect environment ? Discuss critically.

16 How did the National Action plan of 1992 affect tourism ? Describe.
17 How would you identify pressures and assess thresholds on environment in the context of tourism ?

18 Write a note on the process through which various mountains were transformed into hill stations ?

19 What are wetlands ? How does excessive tourism affect them ?

20 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each :
(a) Hotels and Resorts
(b) Wildlife
(c) Politics of Environment
(d) Tourism Master Plan

21 Describe in detail the nature of terrestrial biomes of the world ?

22 How is environment described in the Indian philosophical tradition ? Discuss.

23 Does tourism activity always affect environment adversely ? Examine.

24 Examine the importance of regional assets in tourism development ?

25 Discuss the role of locals in tourism development ?

26 Examine the nature of wild life in any two biogeographic zones of India?

27 Describe how the hill-stations of Darjeeling and Nilgiris were established ?

28 Examine the character of beaches in India. What are the possibilities of tourism promotion there ?

29 Write an essay on the water sports in India ?

30 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each :
(a) The Ecosystem and its components
(b) Sustainable Development
(c) Importance of Tourism Master Plan
(d) India Tourism Policy-1982
(e) Visitor Behaviour and Environment.

31 What are biomes ? Describe some of the terrestrial biomes of the world.

32 How has the environmental question been understood in the Indian philosophical
tradition ?

33 Write a note on the nature of relationship between environment and development?

34 Define 'Community'. How have local communities been influenced by tourism ?

35 Write a note on tourism as a tool for conservation.

36 Write an essay on the politics of environment?

37 What are the ways in which the local physical environment is affected by visitor behaviour ?

38 Write a note on wild life ? How does it get affected by tourism ?

39 Write an essay on the role of different kind of accommodation in promoting tourism?

40 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each :
(a) Tourism Master Plan
(b) Wet Lands
(c) Hill Stations
(d) Multiplier Effects


1 Discuss the relevance of marketing in tourism Answer with examples?

2 What do you understand by international tourism markets ? Mention about some tourism markets for India.

3 Write an essay on socially responsible marketing Give examples also ?

4 What do you understand by product designing in tourism ? Can every tourism resource be treated as a tourism product ?

5 What is marketing ? How would you make a marketing plan for a travel agency ?

6 Discuss the emerging trends in domestic tourism?

7 What do you mean by marketing research ? Why is it important in tourism business ?

8 "Tourism will not flourish unless local bodies are involved in the profit sharing". Comment ?

9 Write a note on social marketing ?

10 Describe tourism product. What elements should you consider while designing a tourism product ?

11 Discuss the 4 P's of Marketing Mix. Why do we need a fifth 'P' (People) ?

12 "India is a paradise for Culture lovers". As a marketer how can you get advantage of this perception ?

13 Discuss the challenges and problems faced by the tourists in the sphere of accommodation?

14 Discuss the functions of a tour operator ?

15 Discuss the main features of the tourism marketing. How would you make a plan for a
travel agency ? Explain.

16 What do you mean by market segmentation ? Discuss the basis for segmentation in tourism marketing.
17 What are the strategic options available to a marketeer to fight the competition ? Discuss.

18 Discuss the importance of technology in tourism trade?

19 What aspects would you consider important while developing a tourist transport product ?

20 What is alternative accofiunodation ? Discuss the salient features of alternative accommodation.

21 What is Destination Marketing ? Suggest a marketing strategy to market India

22 Write a note on trade fares and travel marts?.

23 What are the components of Tourism marketing Explain ?

24 Discuss the Concept of socially Responsible Marketing applicable to tourism business ?

25 "Marketing starts with consumer and ends with consumer". Discuss with special reference to tourism business?

26 Why market segmentation is important ? Discuss the basis of market segmentation.

27 Discuss the major foreign tourist generating markets for India?

28 "Cuisine has a prominent role in tourism promotion". Discuss ?

29 Discuss the role of events and activities in tourism marketing ?

30 "Marketing Research (MR) is the key to success".Discuss the statement in the changing scenario How MR helps the business man ?

31 Write short notes on any two about 300 words each :
(a) Public organisations
(b)Role of Local Bodies
(c) Role of NGOs
(d) Social marketing

32 Describe the contents of tourism marketing mix?

33 What are FAM Tours ? Discuss the importance of FAM tours in tourism industry.

34 Discuss the role of commissions in tourism marketing ?


1 What makes career planning a success ?

2 Write a note on counselling?

3 Discuss the reasons for employees' grievances.?

4 Why is employees' motivation required in a travel agency ? As a manager, how will you motivate the employees ?

5 Discuss on-the-job training methods?

6 Discuss the functions and operations of Personnel Management?

7 What is job analysis and job description ? Discuss their importance in an organisation?

8 Describe the phases in the design and implementation of a Human Resource Accounting System?

9 What are the approaches for effective Human Resource Information System ?

10 Discuss the concept and objectives of Human Resource Planning ?

11 What are the objectives of Human Resource Planning (HRP) ? Describe the micro and macro level Scenario of HRP in Hospitality Industry. Explain staff training and development. How are they different from each other ?

12 What do you understand by job Evaluation ? Describe its advantages.

13 Differentiate between Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory and Herzberg's Two factor Theory? 

14 What is career planning and how it differs from manpower planning ?

15 What do you understand by counselling functions ? Answer with suitable examples.

16 Describe performance appraisal. What are the different methods of performance appraisal ?

17 What is grievance ? What different methods can be adopted by an organisation to redress the grievances of it's employees ?

18 Define the term "Discipline". Explain its meaning and purposes?

19 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following :
(a) Transfer and promotion
(b) Selection Test
(x) Human Resource Audit
(d) Job enrichment

20 What is Human Resource Planning? Discuss its need in hospitality industry?

21 What are the diff erent manpower supply forecasting techniques?

22 Discuss the functions and operations of personnel management ?

23 What are the objectives of training and how it is useful for an otganrzation ?

24 Describe "Maslow's Need Hierarchy theory of Motivation" in detail?

25 Write an essay on the importance of Human Resource Planning?

26 What do you understand by Human Resource Audit ? Mention the steps required in it.

27 Discuss the various job evaluation methods ?

28 Discuss the functions of a Personnel Office ?

29 Write short notes on any of the following :
(a) Induction Placement.
(b) Job Analysis.
(c) Task Analysis.

30 How are motivation and career planning related to employee's efficiency and productivity ? Give examples while answering

31 Define the following : 
(a) Counselling.
(b)Job description.
(c) Human Resource Information System.
(d) Manpower Forecasts.

32 Why is on-the-job training essential in any service organisation ? Discuss its merits and demerits?

33 Devise a career plan for a management trainee in a leading travel or hospitality organisation?

34 Discuss the manpower supply forecasting techniques?

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