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Tea industry project

Tea industry project (1)

Tea industry project

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 10:09


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Tea means energy .Tea is the agricultural product of the leaf . tea used by all countries in world . Tazo Tea founded by Steve Smithif you want any type of MBA PROJECT ON TEA COMPANIES Just sent email. Any type of annual report companies report of tea companies available.

Main Types of Tea 

Green Tea
Oxidization is a chemical reaction that takes place when tea leaves are picked and� begin to wither and die. �Green tea is not allowed to oxidize and is quickly dried, pan- fried or oven fired to dehydrate the tea leaves for storage. �Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis

Benefits of green tea

Green tea reduces weight. It gives energy and antacid
Black Tea
Black tea is allowed to oxidize the tea . Excess use of Black tea is harmful .

Oolong Tea
Oolong tea means green tea and black tea in the amount of time the tea leaves are allowed to oxidize. Excess use of Oolong Tea is harmful

White Tea

White tea is more harmful than black and oolong tea Oolong Tea

Pu-erh is a Chinese tea . if you want any type of MBA PROJECT ON TEA COMPANIES Just sent full details

Flavored Tea

Flavored tea is a black tea . Added flavored improves tea taste. In India Tea companies are selling green and white tea. 
Herbal Tea Herbal tea is actually not tea it is mixture of ginger , tulsi , powders herbal medicine. In India herbal tea is now popular due to no side effects.

Manufacturing of tea : Manufacturing of tea involves several steps

Three and half Cups A Day KeepsThe Doctor Away-:

Antioxidants, such as the flavanoids found in the tea, are known to scavenge the free radicals, metabolize lipid peroxides, and precipitate metal ions In a US study it was found that 3.5 cups of tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as six QUALITY apples.

if you want any type of MBA PROJECT ON TEA COMPANIES Just sent email. ToThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Any type of annual report companies report of tea companies available.

The list of companies are :

A V Thomas & Co. (india) Ltd.

Alageswar Estates Ltd.

Alipurduar Tea Co. Ltd.

Amarawati Tea Co. Ltd.

Ambari Tea Co. Ltd.

Ananda-bag Tea Co. Ltd.

Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd.

Apeejay Tea Ltd.

Apeejay Typhoo Tea Pvt. Ltd.

Arcuttipore Tea Co. Ltd.

Assam Company IndiaLtd.

Assam Tea Corpn. Ltd.

Assambrook Ltd.

B & A Ltd.

Baghmari Tea Co. Ltd.

Bansisons Tea Inds. Ltd.

Bateli Tea Co. Ltd.

Bazaloni Group Ltd.

Belgachi Tea Co. Ltd.

Bharnobari Tea & Inds. Ltd.

Bhatkawa Tea Inds. Ltd.

Bhavani Tea & Produce Co. Ltd.

Bijni Dooars Tea Co. Ltd.

Bijoynagar Tea Co. Ltd.

Bio Tea Estates Ltd.

Bishnauth Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]

Bormah Jan Tea Co. (1936) Ltd.

Brindavan Properties Ltd.

Brooke Bond Lipton India Ltd. [merged]

Chamong Tea Co. Ltd.

Chargola Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Chengmari Tea Co. Ltd.

Cheviot Agro Inds. Ltd.

Coonoor Tea Estates Co. Ltd.

Crystal Tea (india) Ltd.

D L X Ltd.

D T C India Ltd.

Darjeeling Dooars Plantations (tea) Ltd.

Devashola (nilgiri) TeaEstates Co. Ltd.

Devon Plantations & Inds. Ltd.

Jay Shree Tea & Inds. Ltd.

Jolly Merchandise Ltd.

Joonktollee Tea & Inds. Ltd.

Jorehaut Group Ltd.

Jutlibari Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]

Jyoti Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (kolkata)

Kalasa Tea & Produce Co. Ltd. [merged]

Kalpetta Estates Ltd.

Kamala Tea Co. Ltd.

Kamla Tea & Industries Ltd.

Karimtharuvi Tea EstatesLtd. [merged]

Kharikatia Tea & Inds. Ltd.

Kharjan Tea Estates Pvt. Ltd.

Khayerbari Tea Co. Ltd.

Kil Kotagiri Tea & CoffeeEstates Co. Ltd.

Krishnabehari Tea Co. Ltd.

Kyang Tea Seed Co. Ltd.

Ledo Tea Co. Ltd.

Lipton India Exports Ltd. [merged]

Loobah Co. Ltd.

Parry Agro Inds. Ltd. 

Peermade Tea Co. Ltd.

Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce Co. Ltd.

Peria Karamalai Tea (india) Ltd.

Phaskowa Tea Co. Ltd.

Poddar Udyog Ltd.

Pooja Devcon Ltd.

Premier Plantations Ltd.

Premier's Tea Ltd.

Prime Tea Plantation & Inds. Ltd.

Pussimbing Tea Co. Ltd.

Puthutotam Estates(1943) Ltd.

R N T Plantations Ltd.

Rajahbhat Tea Co. Ltd.

Rangamattee Tea & Inds. Ltd.

Ranibari Tea Co. Ltd.

Ranicherra Tea Co. Ltd.

Rossell India Ltd.

Rossell Industries Ltd.

Rungamattee Tea & Inds. Ltd.

Tiru Tea Ltd.

Tongani Tea Co. Ltd.

Tulip Tea Co. Ltd.

Tyford Tea Ltd.

Tyroon Tea Co. Ltd.

Udayagiri Rubber Co. Ltd.

United Nilgiri Tea EstatesCo. Ltd.

United Planntationn Ltd.

Vayitri Plantations Ltd.

Warren Tea Ltd.

Williamson Tea Assam Ltd. [merged]

Dhelakhat Tea Co. Ltd. �

Dhendai Tea & Inds. Ltd.

Diana Tea Co. Ltd.

Dibrugarh Company Ltd.

Dimakusi Tea Co. Ltd.

Dooars Exim Ltd.

Doom Dooma India Ltd. [merged]

Doom Dooma Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]

Duncans Agro Inds. Ltd. [merged]

Duncans Industries Ltd.

Duncans Tea Ltd.

East Indian Produce Ltd.

Eastern Dooars Tea Co. Ltd.

Eastern Tea Estates Ltd.

Ellenbarrie Tea Co. Ltd.

Empire & Singlo Tea Ltd.

Engo Tea Co. Ltd.

Ethelbari Tea Co. (1932) Ltd.

Eximpo Tea Ltd.

Gillapukri Tea Co. Ltd.

Goodricke Group Ltd. 

Goombira Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Gopalpur Tea Co. Ltd.

Greenline Tea & ExportsLtd.

Gremach Tea & EstatesLtd.

Grob Tea Co. Ltd.

Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers Ltd.

Haileyburia Tea EstatesLtd.

Hanuman Tea Co. Ltd.

Hanuman Texnit & Industries Ltd.

Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.

Hasimara Industries Ltd.

Hatigor Tea Estates Ltd.

Highland Produce Co. Ltd.

Hirajuli Tea Co. Ltd.

Hoograjuli (assam) Tea Co. Ltd.

Huldibari Industries & Plantation Co. Ltd.

I T P Ltd.

Jamirah Tea Co. Ltd.

Jatinga Tea Ltd.

Luxmi Tea Co. Ltd.

M K Shah Exports Ltd.

Madhu Jayanti International Ltd.

Majuli Tea Co. (india) Ltd.

Malankara Plantations Ltd.

Malhati Tea & Inds. Ltd.

Manabarrie Tea Co. Ltd.

Manjushree Plantations Ltd.

Manu Valley Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]

Marangi Pvt. Ltd.

Marionbarie Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]

Maud Tea & Seed Co. Ltd.

Mcleod Russel (india) Ltd. [merged]

Mcleod Russel India Ltd.

Merry View Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]

Methoni Tea Co. Ltd.

Midland Rubber & Produce Co. Ltd.

Mlamallay Tea EstatesLtd.

Moheema Ltd.

Moran Tea Co. (india) Ltd. [merged]

Mysore Plantations Ltd.

N E P C Agro Foods Ltd.

N E P C Tea Garden Ltd. [merged]

Nagrifarm Tea Co. Ltd.

Namburnadi Tea Co. Ltd.

Namdang Tea Co. (india) Ltd. [merged]

Neelamalai Agro Inds. Ltd.

Neelkanth Tea Co. Ltd.

Nelliampathy Tea & Produce Co. Ltd.

New Chumta Tea Co. Ltd.

New Darjeeling Union Tea Co. Ltd.

New Terai Association Ltd.

Nilgiri Tea Estates Ltd.

Nonsuch Tea Estates Ltd.

Norben Tea & ExportsLtd.

North Tukvar Tea Co. Ltd.

North-western Cachar Tea Co. Ltd.

Oodlabari Co. Ltd.

Orissa Tea Plantations Ltd.

Panchura Estates Ltd.

Stanes AmalgamatedEstates Ltd.

Stanes M J F Teas Ltd.

Stanes Tea & Coffee Ltd.

Stewart Holl (india) Ltd.

Sungma Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]

Sycotta Tea Co. Ltd.

Talayar Tea Co. Ltd.

Tamilnadu Tea Plantation Corpn. Ltd.

Tasati Tea Ltd.

Tata Global BeveragesLtd.

Tata Tetley Ltd. [merged]

Tea Estates India Ltd.

Tea Estates India Ltd. [merged]

Teesta Valley Tea Co. Ltd.

Teloijan Tea Co. Ltd.

Tengpani Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]

Terai Tea Co. Ltd.

Tetrahedron Ltd.

Tezpore Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]

Tirrihannah Company Ltd.

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