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Advanced Strategic Management


Advanced Strategic Management

1.         What are the various approaches to the corporate management and which one is the best in Indian environment?  Give illustrations.


2.         Identify the various modes of entry Ranbaxy Laboratories has adopted in different regions and discuss the pros and cons of each mode of entry.


3.         How does creativity contribute to the success of an organisation?


4. Select an organisation of your choice (Name and describe the organisation) which has developed special programmes to enhance the creativity of its employees and present the details of such programmes.



5. Discuss the link between Board of Directors and Corporate Governance practices in Reliance.


6.         There are different approaches to global entry. What in your opinion is the best approach and why? Explain.


7. What are the benefits of Knowledge Management? Discuss.


8.         ‘Managers should hold and develop a deeper knowledge of the nature of ethical principles and concepts and an understanding of how these apply to ethical problems encountered in business’. Explain.


9.         Suppose you are working in an organization, which is into pharmaceuticals. Identify the competitors of your company and suggest measures to combat the competition.


10.       What are the different determinants of organization structure? Identify these determinants in an organization of your choice and try to analyze the organization structure of that organization.


11.       “Organizations that value leadership use techniques to create environments in which executives can rise above their self-interest and are ready to make sacrifices’. Comment.


Q12.    The extent of concentration of control at different levels of management; Standards of performance used for control purposes; Whether control data are used for self-evaluation



13) Discuss the managerial roles of BOD’s. What in your opinion should be the managerial roles of BODs in the present context. Explain giving examples.


14. Discuss in brief, the main routes for technology up gradation.

Explain with examples.


15. What do you mean by corporate policy? Select an organisation of your choice (name and describe the organisation) and briefly discuss the importance of various types of policies it had adopted.


16. What are the different strategies that companies use to compete in the global market? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy.


17  Based on the information about a company’s international operations, explain how it entered foreign market and what over all strategy it has pursued. Name and describe the company you are referring to.


18. What is knowledge management (KM)? Do you believe that KM can improve the competitiveness of a firm? Give reasons.


19. What are the differences between philanthropy centric view of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business integrated view of CSR?

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