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Financial Markets


1.Explain the evolution of global and Indian Financial Markets. Compare and bring out the similarities in the Evolution of these two.

2.Comment the mechanism and steps leading to Book Building Method. Discuss the process of pricing an issue in the Book Building Method.

3.Visit a Sharekhan Stock Broker of your choice and observe how trading is done in the secondary markets. Write a detailed note on your visit.

4. Explain the different equity valuation techniques.

5. Discuss the steps in Portfolio Management. Explain the role of a Portfolio Manager. Analyse and comment on the SEBI (Portfolio Manager) Regulations, 1993.

6. Discuss the scrip selection criterion used for derivatives segment and explain how Quarter Sigma is calculated?

7. Discuss the Stock and Index Futures and Options. Explain how they can be used for Hedging Speculation and Arbitrarage?

8. Explain how Put and call options are priced?

9. Explain the four basic indicators which impact the derivative prices and briefly discuss the various Option Greeks?

10. Discuss the settlement mechanism of future and option contracts.

11. What are spot and forward rates? Discuss the Covered Interest Rate Parity and explain how forward premium/discount points are calculated?

12. What are the factors impacting exchange rates? Explain the concept of Nominal and Effective Exchange Rates and the Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER).

13. What are Forward Contracts? Discuss Non Deliverable Forward Contracts? Discuss Non Deliverable Forwards (NDF) markets.

14. What are the distinguishing features of Fixed Income Instruments? Briefly discuss about the various Government and Corporate Debt Instruments.

15. List and discuss few benchmark interest rates. Explain interest rate Caps, Floors and Collars in detail.

16. What is the importance of an investment philosophy ? Discuss different investment styles that are adopted by the investors while investing

in stock market.

17. Discuss the role of a Broker for trading in the market? Explain the Deal process in a Brokerage House. Critically examine the regulatory Framework for Brokerage Houses.

18. Select a prospectus of any recent Public Issue and critically analyse it. Prepare a detailed note on your analysis. (You can see the copy of prospectus on internet.)

19. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a Mutual Fund. Explain the factors which determine the behaviour of investors in a mutual fund.

20. What is Money Laundering? Discuss its process. Critically analyse the important provisions of prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002.

21. Discuss the different types of reports prepared by Research and Analysis Firms. Collect a research report of a company of your choice and analyse it.

22. Discuss the role of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in regulating the Financial markets in India. Also briefly explain the major achievements of SEBI since its inception.

23. What is meant by dematerialisation of securities ? Explain the process of dematerialisation of securities and the benefits of the 'Depository System

24. Describe the types of derivatives. Discuss the features of OTC derivatives markets. What are the uses of these derivatives ?

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