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1.Classify I. C. engines and sketch two types based on cylinder arrangement

2.Name any eight engine components describe head.

3.A single cylinder 4 stroke engine has 14 stroke = cylinder diameter = 80 mm. The engine running at 500 rpm produces a torque of 60 Nm at the crankshaft. The indicated mean effective pressure is 2.1 N/mm2. What is the mechanical efficiency of the engine ? Also find friction power.

4.Sketch an electronic ignition system for an I. C. engine and bring out differences with battery ignition system.

5.Explain why cooling is needed in an engine and what happens if engine is over cooled.

6.Name modes of heat transfer and correlate them with engine parts.

7.What is constrained motion. Sketch system with constrained motion and incompletely constrained motion. 

8.Classify kinematic pairs according to relative motion and type of contact:

9.What are different types of power transmission systems and what are their
characteristics ?

10. Draw the diagram of a four-stroke SI engine showing various components

11. A single cylinder four-stroke diesel engine 7 has a bore of L50 mm and a stroke of
200 mm. when engine runs at 400 rpm., it develops 10 kW. The area of the indicator diagram is 7.25 cm and its maximum length is 6.125 cm. The spring constant is 8 bar /cm. Determine :
a) The mean effective pressure
b) The indicated power, and
c) The mechanical efficiency of the engine

12. Explain the working principle of a simple carburator with a neat diagram

13. What are the functional requirements of an injection system used in compression
ignition engines ? Explain

14. State the objectives of super charging an engine. Explain the effect of super charging on engine performance.
15. Compare the relative merits and demerits of battery and magneto ignition system

16. State the main functions of a spark plug. Draw a neat sketch of a spark plug, and
label its components

17. With a neat diagram, explain briefly the dry sump lubrication system.

18. Discuss the relative merits of air cooling and water cooling of internal cumbustion

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