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International Marketing Logistics

International Marketing Logistics

1) Define Marketing Logistics and explain its objectives.

2) What are the main activities involved in marketing logistics? Explain them briefly.

3) Why do you regard logistics as an important activity of marketing? Explain it with special reference to international trade.

4) "Difference between domestic and international logistics can be said to arise on account of three major factors." Elaborate on this statement and enumerate the recent developments in international logistics that have made it an important plank of corporate strategy.

5) In the context? of trade liberalisation policies in India, examine the importance of
a) domestic logistics
b) international logistics

6) You are free to purchase tea, process and back it, and export it to a buyer in U.K. Plan logistics set up right upto the consumer.

7) Comment on the following statements.
a) Traditionally, physical distribution is considered as the other half of marketing.
b) Distribution, marketing and manufacturing can not be viewed as separate activities within the business, particularly at the strategic level.
c)Logistics system helps in improving the customer service.

8) State the four levels at which logistics information is needed and explain the main features of an integrated information system.

9) "Meeting distribution demands of customers is the key requirement for the successful operation of a distribution system." Elaborate on this statement and discuss the various customer service considerations.

10) What are the major aspects of strategic logistics planning? Explain these aspects and enumerate the factors that influence logistics planning

11) What are the three important concepts relevant to logistics management by an organization? Explain them briefly and-state which one you regard as the best approach
and why?

12) Discuss the various environmental aspects which an organization engaged in foreign trade has to reckon with and clarify their impact on logistics system.

13) "Objectives and policies for functioning of the supply chain are usually in conflict both within and across operational units." Amplify this statement and explain how can they be balanced in order to build up an integrative logistic system.

14) Describe the role of air transport in movement of cargo in overseas trade of India.

15) Outline the structure of civil aviation in India and discuss the role of AAI and DGCA
in the functioning of air services in India.

16) Describe the working of Air India and Indian Airlines and state the impact of allowing private operators on their functioning.

17) What are the problems faced by air transport in India and how far the policy framework and programmers envisaged for the Ninth Plan could help in improving the air services.

18) Analysis the role of major airports in India in handling overseas cargo, and state the constraints faced by them.

19) Write explanatory notes on any three of the following:

a) Significance of air transport

b) Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited

c) Air cargo tariff



20) Enumerate the salient. features of commercial shipping and explain its importance for the development of international trade.

21) Describe the nature and uses of various types of ships, If you are required to transport 30,000 MT of crude oil from UK to USA and within the same month 80,000 MT of whea in bulk from New Orleans to Rotterdam, decide upon your selection bf a ship and justify the same,

22) What are the advantages of registration of a ship, An Indian company has purchased new ship, Briefly describe the procedure for its registration.

23)Distinguish between registration and classification, and describe the advantages of classification.

24) Indicate the difference between classification survey, registration survey and underwriters' survey; and enumerate the important checks the classification society does ownership

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