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l (a) Explain in brief the goals and objectives of MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH care.

(b) Describe the organisational set-up for delivery of MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH care in a district.

2 (a) what is Infant Mortality Rate (lMR) ? 

(b) Enlist the important causes of Infant Mortality in our country? 

(c) Describe various measures for reducing the IMR?

3 (a) Discuss the importance of supervision for improving the quality of MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH care?

(b) Describe various methods of supervision being employed in the MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH care?

4 (a) How has the RCH programme evolved in India ? 

(b) Discuss briefly the child health components under RCH programme?

5 What is a peri-natal death ? Describe various measures to bring down the
peri-natal mortality in lndia'?

6 (a) What is vaccine vial monitor (VVM) ?

(b) How is the AFP surveillance being conducted under NPSP ?

7 Write short notes on :
(a) Sensitivity of diagnostic test
(b) Female feticide
(c) Health education methods for small groups
(d) Steps for plannirrg an immunisation session in an
urban slum

8 Write short notes on :
(a) Management Information System (MIS)
(b) SupportiveSupervision

9 (a) Explain the rationale of integrated Maternal and Child Health Care Services.

(b) Describe in brief the socio-cultural determinants of MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH care.

10 (a) Define an indicator
(b) Write the qualities of a good indicator.
(c) Describe in brief the various MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH indicators.

11 (a) Explain the need and importance of Materials Management in MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH care?

(b) Describe the various components of Materials Management?

12 Write short notes on :
(a) Levels of Prevention in MCI Care
(b) National Health Policy
(c) C.P.A. and its application in Health sector
(d) Community Participation for MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH Care

13 Write short notes on :
(a) Sources of Information for M.l.S.
(b) Methods of Supervision

14 Discuss in brief the organisation of universal immunisation for children against six vaccine preventable diseases at Block level?

15 (a) Outllne the components o{ essential newborn care.
(b) Describe in brief the strategy for IMNCI being lmplemented in India.

16 (a) What is Perinatal Mortality Ratio ?
(b) Explain major causes of perinatal deaths in India?

17 Comment briefly upon
(a) Supplementary Immunisation Activies against polio
(b) Counselling for newly weds regarding prenatal health
(c) Monitoring the quality of antenatal care
(d) Ensuring injection safety in outreach immunisation

18 Write short notes on :
(a) Common-source epidemic
(b) Various qualitative research methods used in reproductive health

19 (a) What are the objectives of ICDS ?
(b) What are the packages of servicesoffered in ICDS ?
(c) How is monitoring and evaluation in ICDS undertaken ?

20 (a) Discuss the epidemiology of poliomyelitis.
(b) Discuss in brief the oral polio vaccine administrative guidelines.
(c) What are the irnportant strategies under polio eradication programme ?

21 (a) Discuss the status of women in India with special relerence to working women.
(b) Describe the national policy for empowerment of women in lndia.

22 Write short notes on :
(a) Socio-cultural determinants of infant mortality
(b) Baby lriendly hospital initiative
(c) Channels of mass communication
(d) Components of health care evaluation

23 Write short notes orr :
(a) At risk approach for MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH
(b) Tips on counselling the young adults

24 (a) How do you administer the BCG vaccine ?
(b) What steps would you take while investigating an outbreak of Measles in an urban slum?

25 What is the system of monitoring antenatal services under RCH programme ? How will you evaluate the impact of essential new born care package at the state level ?

26 Write short notes on :
(a) Inventory management of materials
(b) Janani Suraksha Yojana
(c) The MTP Act
(d) Fertility indicators

27 Comment briefly upon :
(a) Focus Group Discussion
(b) Difference between sensitivity and specificity of a diagnostic test

28 (a) Suggest measures to reduce Neonatal Mortality in India.

(b) Define the Perinatal Mortality Ratio

29 Outline the package of services available under RCH program. Make a detailed illustration of Maternal Health care services at CHC level?

30 Summarize the National Immunization Schedule for children. What newer vaccines would you offer to your client as an added option, and why ? Also explain the dose and schedule of never vaccines.

31 Write short notes on :
(a) Planning cycle
(b) Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA)
(c) Indicators of Maternal Health
(d) Cluster sampling

Comment briefly upon :
(a) The PNDT Act
(b) Difference between Relative Risk and Attributable Risk

32 (a) Describe the role of socio - cultural factors in child health
(b) Enumerate strategies under NRHM to achieve its goals.

33 What is Community Needs Assessment Approach ? Describe the package of services
under RCH programme?

34 (a) Enumerate newer vaccines and their dosage schedule.
(b) Describe the Preconception and prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of 
selection) Act 1994?
35 Discuss in brief :
(a) Organization of MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH services in rural areas of a district
(b) Microplanning for National Polio Immunization day (Pulse Polio) in a DHC
(c) ABC - VED analysis 
(d) Behaviour change communication in RCH

36 Describe in brief :
(a) Socio - demographic goals for 2010 under
(b) National Population Policy
(c) Monitoring of RCH programme

37 Outline the components of MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH care package.How these services are being delivered in rural areas in India ?

38 Why the neonates need to be treated as a special group ? Explain the components of Essential Newborn care?

39 Summarize the components of Resource Management. Illustrate the budgeting process in health?
40Write short notes on the following
(a) AFP Surveillance
(b) Leadership and Team building
(c) Infection control in a hospital
(d) National Health Policy 2002

41. Differentiate between the following 
(a) Retrospective and Prospective study designs
(b) Incubation period and Window period

42 Why the adolescents need to be treated as a special group ? Explain the management of a pregnant adolescent?

43 Outline the components of Reproductive and Child Health Services. How these services are being integrated with primary health care in India ?

44 Explain the difficulties faced by Polio Eradication Initiative. Outline the classification of cases under AFP Surveillance?

45 Write short notes on the following
(a) Integrated management of neonatal and
(b) childhood illness (IMNCI)
(c) Counselling Skills
(d) Color coding for biomedical waste
(e) Pre-Conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic
(f) Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act.

46 Differentiate between 
(a)Common source and Propagated epidemics
(b)General Fertility Rate (GFR) and Total Fertility Rate (TFR)

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