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Sunday, 11 November 2012 15:28

Ms-11 june 2010

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MS-11   June, 2010


1. Explain the process of strategy formulation. Illustrate your answer with the help of examples.

2. Explain different types of resources involved in Internal Analysis and discuss their strategic importance. Also explain the relationship between resources, competencies and competitive advantage with suitable examples.

3. Discuss various techniques used in strategic control systems. Analyse the importance of each giving examples.

4(a) What do you understand by 'survival strategy' ? Discuss its various types and explain them with the help of suitable examples.

(b) Explain the Retrenchment Strategy as a Strategic Alternative with suitable examples.

5. Write short notes on :

a) Hofer's Product/Market Evolution. Matrix

b) Shell's Directional Policy Matrix

Case study

6. What are Mergers and Acquisitions as a part of Strategic Alliance ? Discuss

the concept in the light of the case given above ?

7. How Mergers and Acquisition helped the organisation in becoming global leaders ? Discuss.

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