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Ms-11 june 2008

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MS-11   June, 2008


1. (a) Discuss the different levels of strategy. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples

(b) Assume that you are the chief strategist

for an organization. As a strategist discuss the importance of strategy framework for your organization

2. Briefly discuss the concept and relevance of Porter's five forces framework

3. (a) 'Differentiation is normally costly.' Critically comment on this statement giving examples.

(b) Explain in brief the advantages and disadvantages of differentiation strategy.

Give suitable examples.

4(a) What is the rationale behind diversification ? Explain giving examples.

(b) what are the different ways to implement diversification strategies ? Give examples.

5. Briefly explain BCG's growth-share matrix in the context of Business portfolio Analysis.

6. Assume that you are the CEO of a commercial airline. The airline has a long-standing history in the airline industry but now it has to compete with the low-cost strategy of competing airlines.. Describe an appropriate organizational culture for your company so that it is able to maintain its position in the market.

7.Select a public library, which has now decided to serve its constituents and stakeholders even better. From your experience, delermine how the library should formulate and implement an effective strategy to improve its performance.

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