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Ms-21 dec 2009

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MS-21    Dec, 2009



1. Describe Maslow's need hierarchy theory and it's relevance in the present day organizational context.

2. Describe Johari window model in enhancing interpersonal relations.

3.Discuss the importance of organisational culture and how it contributes to organisational success.

4. What are the barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them. Give examples.

5. Write short notes on any three of the following :

a) Learning organisations

b) Counselling

c) Groups vs teams

d) Emotional intelligence

(e) Conflict resolution


6. Read the following case carefully and answer the questions given at the end :

Arun joins 'ZAPTO' chain of casual wear stores as a sales representative, immediately after the completion of graduation and a diploma in sales management. The firm was very happy with his extremely good performance. Arun was awarded the 'Star Performer Prize' for his continuous display of the highest sales volume record for 12 consecutive months. The General Manager of 'ZAPTO' chain of stores, Rajkumar, was informed by his Marketing Manager, Madhuraj, that Arun was a very aggressive and dynamic sales representative having a strong target commitment and orientation. Within a span of two years, based on his good performance appraisal, Arun was promoted to the position of Assistant Marketing Manager. Under his new assignment, Arun had 8 sales representatives reporting to him and also to ensure that the sales target of his shop was met. Arun took to his new promoted assignments with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Arun now set the targets to be met by his team members for the first month and communicated the same, clearly indicating that all the team members have to meet the target without fail. The eight team members (sales representatives) felt that the targets set were too ambitious but declined to comment on it directly. After the meeting, during an informal chat all the team members discussed the matter amongst themselves and then dispersed. Arun called for a review meeting at the end of a fortnight to take stock of the situation and was shocked and disappointed to learn that all the representatives were well behind the target set for them. Arun could not control his disappointment and openly and bluntly condemned them for not reaching the target. He once again reiterated that he expected all his team members to achieve their targets by the end of the month. After the meeting, the team members amongst themselves admitted that they found Arun to be a difficult person with an unapproachable mind-set. However, they also decided to give in their best efforts to achieve the targets assigned to them. But even with their sustained efforts they could achieve only 70 per cent of the target set by Arun, by the end of the

month. At the end of the month, when Arun reviewed the sales statements of his team, he was disappointed though slightly happy with the marginal improved efforts of his team. However, in the meeting instead of praising and encouraging his team's efforts, Arun communicated his displeasure and once again was emphatic and told his team that lack of

commitment from them was stopping them from attaining their target, so they had to try hard once again. This outburst was not liked by his team. And in the next month-end briefing, Arun was greeted with well below the target set. Arun now openly rebuked his sales representatives team, for their slow performance and refused to accept that he had set too high targets for his team. Ultimately, the team members met their Marketing Manager, Madhuraj and conveyed everything to him. Madhuraj was shocked but promised to talk to Arun.

Questions for discussion :

a) In the above case, what are the problems affecting the team's effectiveness and performance ?

b) Do you feel Madhuraj should modify team members roles before talking to Arun ?

(c) Can you suggest ways by which Arun can be developed as good team leader ?

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