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Saturday, 17 November 2012 10:57

Ms-22 june 2008

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MS-22    June, 2008


1. Explain  the  concept  of  career.  Describe different  strategies for  career development.

2.  What is  Human  Resource  Development ? Discuss  briefly the various strategies  of  HRD.

3. Critically  analyse  the  process  which  brings  us  from performance  appraisal  to  performance  management.

4 Discuss the  ways  and  means  of  managing  technological change in  work  organisation.  Cite suitable  illustrations.

5.  write  short nctes on  any  three  of  the  following  :

(a)  Diversity management

(b)  Socialization

(c)  Induction Training

(d)  Coaching

(e)  Reward svstem


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