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Ms-43 June 2010 Management Control Systems

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June, 2010

MS-43 : Management Control Systems

1. Discuss the different forms of organizational structures and how are organization structures and control systems linked together ?

2. What do you mean by transfer pricing ? Discuss the methods and criteria of transfer pricing. What are the different types of inter-company transactions ?

3. What are the important steps involved in a budgetary control system ? Discuss the important considerations involved in capital budgeting.

4. What are the general characteristics of the financial service sector ? Discuss about the risks faced by banks in general and the regulatory framework to contain and minimise these risks.

5. Why are behavioural dimensions important in Management Control Systems ? Which styles of management and under what conditions are they critical in understanding such dimensions in relation to Management Control System ?

6. Explain the meaning, components and major features of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). What benefits might accrue to any business enterprise by implementing an ERP package ?

7. Describe the special characteristics of Non-Profit Organisations ? In what way does the management control system for Non-Profit Organisations differ from that of Profit-Organisations ?

8. Write short notes on any four of the following :

(a) Responsibility Accounting

(b) Cybernetic Paradigm

(c) Zero-base budgeting

(d) Product pricing

(e) Benefits of performance linked reward

(f) Characteristics of profit centre

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