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Sunday, 16 February 2014 15:34

Ms-46 December 2011 Management of Financial Services

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December, 2011

Ms-46 : Management of Financial Services

1.  How does the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulate brokers and sub-brokers in financial market ?

2.  Write notes on :

(a) Marine insurance

(b) Export factoring

(c) Capital Restructuring

(d) Commercial Bill market.

3.  Explain Book Building Process of public issue of securities. Discuss the rules prescribed by SEBI in this regard.

4.  Describe the role of Central Bank of a country in financial system of a country.

5.  Explain :


(b) Rolling Settlement System

6.  Critically evaluate regulations for Credit Rating Agencies in India.

7.  "SEBI regulations made trustees of mutual funds more responsible in comparison with their AMCs" Discuss.

8.   What do you mean by Venture Capital ? Explain the special features of Venture Capital. Discuss the various modes of finance provided by Venture Capital funds. 

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