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Sunday, 16 February 2014 15:59

Ms-52 June 2013 Project Management

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June, 2013

Ms-52 : Project Management

1. (a) Distinguish between Project and Production Management. Discuss the critical success factors in project management.

(b) Explain your understanding regarding "Technical Analysis" in the context of project management.

2. (a) Discuss the various available methods for economic analysis of projects.

(b) Discuss the various issues related to equipment and process technology as applied to project management.

3. (a) What is resource levelling ? Discuss the various methods of resource levelling.

(b) Discuss the relevant and different types of cost to be estimated in the life cycle of a project. How does the level of accuracy increase progressively ?

4. (a) What are the different Organisation Structures recommended for project organisation ? Explain their advantages and disadvantages.

(b) What do you understand by "Feedforward Project Control" ? How do you compare it with Feed Back System ? Explain the role of Feedforward Control in MIS for project management.

5. (a) Explain the pitfalls in the traditional method of cost accounting and expenditure control in projects.

(b) Discuss the quality control methods usually applied in project management. 

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