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Ms-54 June, 2010 Management of Information Systems

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June, 2010

MS-54 : Management of Information Systems

1. (a) "The way organisation cannot exist without MIS, even information does not exist without organisation". Discuss.

(b) What is the relevance of Nolan's stage Growth Model for the Study of Information Systems in today's organisation ?

2. (a) Describe the major phases in MIS design. Can you compare these phases with research and development projects ?

(b) "Analysis is the 'what' of the system, design is the 'how' of the system". Comment.

3. (a) Explain and distinguish the following concepts with reference to their use in

real-time systems :

(i) Multiprocessing

(ii) Time sharing

(b) What are expert systems and how do they help in decision-making ? Can you give example to illustrate the same ?

4.(a) What are the main functions of data communication software ?

(b) Describe the various applications to which networks can be put.

5(a) List the five problems which may motivate an organisation to move towards the database approach. Explain the significance of each one to a manager and to an organisation.

(b) Elaborate role 8 of codds commandments to illustrate its managerial importance and


6 (a) Describe the problems which may arise if the DBMS evaluation team consists entirely of persons from systems and programming in the Data Processing Department.

(b) Examine the impact of computer in the context of Indian society.

(a) "Computer virus is a major threat to Computer Security". Justify the statement.

(b) Write a short note on "Privacy and Confidential Information.

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