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MS-61 dec-2012

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December, 2012



1. (a) Explain the various roles that different people as individuals can take in the context of consumer buying behaviour, taking the examples of :

(i) Toys

(ii) Car

(b) Discuss the applications of Lifestyle

Marketing giving suitable examples.

2. (a) What is Organisational buying behaviour ? Discuss the major influencing factors on organisational buying.

(b) Why do you need to study consumer attitudes ? What are the inputs you would like to include in your questionnaire if you wanted to measure consumer attitude towards a newly introduced fruit based health drink ?

3. (a) What do you understand by the term 'Culture' ? How does subcultural analysis

help a marketer in the segmentation exercise ? Explain giving suitable examples.

(b) You are a marketing manager of a company manufacturing washing machines. How

will you respond to the post purchase feelings of your customers in order to build and maintain their satisfaction ?

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Sensory Thresholds

(b) Motivational Conflicts

(c) Trait Theory of Personality

(d) Family Life Cycle Concept

(e) Howard Sheth Model of Consumer Decision Process.


5. (a) How does reference group influence vary over product categories ? What type of

reference group influence can you expect for the following products and why ?

(i) Clothing

(ii) Bread

(b) For the above two product categories explain the kind of information search behaviour you can expect from the consumers and why ?

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