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Ms-63 June, 2013 Product Management

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June, 2013

Ms-63 : Product Management


1. Distinguish between the following giving suitable examples :

(a) Convenience and shopping products

(b) Product Line and Product Mix

(c) Tangible specifications and Augmented features of a product

(d) Skimming Pricing and Penetration Pricing

2. (a) How would marketing strategies vary across different stages of Product Life Cycle ?

Explain giving suitable examples.

(b) "Though so many managers have been swept into product-line extension mania, many of them are also discovering that the problems and risks associated with extension proliferation are formidable". Discuss the statement.

3. (a) What is the rationale for test marketing ? Discuss the situations where you think test marketing is not desirable.

(b) Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of setting responsibility of developing new products at the corporate level.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) BCG Matrix

(b) Concurrent Engineering

(c) Concept Testing

(d) Brand Equity Measurements

(e) Market Potential and Market Demand


5. A company manufacturing biscuits now plans to launch a new range of biscuits targetted at health and calorie conscious customers as well as diabetics. The company intends to produce these biscuits with multigrains and lower sugar as well as calorie content. It is planned to offer the biscuits in different flavours like apple, orange, vanila etc. to cater to the different tastes of the customers. The company now has to decide upon the different aspects of the new launch like the ingredients, flavours, branding, packaging and labelling of the product.

Questions :

(a) Suggest some methods for generating ideas regarding the product attributes of the proposed range of biscuits.

(b) Identify the characteristics of a good brand name and suggest a suitable brand name for the new offerings.

(c) Suggest an appropriate positioning strategy.

(d) Discuss the significance of packaging and labelling decisions in the marketing of these new products.

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