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Ms-424 June, 2011 International Banking Management

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June, 2011

Ms-424: International Banking Management

1.  Explain the functions of Bank for international settlements. Describe its role in achieving cooperation among various central banks.

2.  Describe the role of the Basel Committee at the centre of international financial regulation. What are the principles of the Basel Concordat, 1992 ?

3.  Discuss the following :

(a)  Big Mullah theory.

(b)  FASB 133

(c)  FCNR (B)

(d)  Foreign Currency Loans.

4.  Explain the term 'Jurisdiction' in international law paralance. What are the different types of jurisdiction ?

5.  What is the role of Lead Management Team in raising funds from the capital market ? Discuss the various experts who consist the Lead Management Team.

6.  What do you understand by risk management ? Discuss the different types of risks that banks are exposed to in the present day context.

7.  What is Treasury Management ? Discuss the traditional functions of Treasury Management.

8.  What do you understand by globalisation ? Discuss the various causes of globalisation and its consequences on international banking. 

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