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Ms-425 June, 2010 Electronic Banking and it in Banks

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June, 2010

Ms-425: Electronic Banking and it in Banks

1. Explain different types of networks and distinguish between LAN and WAN.

2. "True Internet Banks are those that allow customer to conduct transactions through their Web sites". Explain,  this statement and discuss the security issues in Internet Banking.

3. Explain the structure of Management information system and discuss the need for information system in banks.

4. Distinguish between a credit card and a debit card. List out the different types of smart cards and explain how is a smart card superior to a magnetic stripe card ?

5. What is Supply Chain management ? Discuss the principles on which it is based. Distinguish between ERP and SCM.

6. What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ? Discuss the different performance indicators of a CRM solution.

7. Explain the functioning of a generalized audit software package. List out five audit softwares other than generalized audit softwares.

8. What do you understand by system design ? Explain the various components of feasibility study for system design ?

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