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Wages and salary administation important questions

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Wages and salary administation important questions



Points to Remember

Q.1 . Why is dearness allowance and integral part of any ay packet ?  Explain with example, how is it administered.


 Q.. “Dearness allowance forming part of a pay packet is not justified.” Do you agree ? Explain with reasons

Q.2.  Define and differentiate between:

  1. Bonus and fringe benefits
  2. Pay commission and wage board
  3. Gain sharing and profit sharing

Q.3.   Can the fine be deducted from wages of an employed person ? If so, subject to what conditions Explain.

Q.4.  Write short notes on’ Stock Option and Profit Sharing


Q.5.  Write short notes on Collective Bargaining


Q.6.  Compare and contrast the three content theories of motivation

Q.7.  How does minimum wage doffer from need – based minimum wage ?  Explain with a suitable example

Q.8.  Discuss the various methods for fixation/ revision of minimum wages under the Minimum, Wages Act, 1948


Q .The Minimum Wages Act 1948 provides for fixation / revision of minimum wages.  Discuss various methods prescribed in the Act for the purpose.

Q.9.Write short notes on’ Wage Incentive Plans

Q.10 Critically discuss the types of wage theories and also discuss their relevance in today’s world

Q.11 What are the methods of job – evaluation ?  Analyze Critically with suitable examples(Faculty notes)


Q Write short notes on” Job analysis and job description

Q. 12  Discuss the concept of social security and fringe benefits.   How are they related ?  Discuss with suitable example(Faculty notes)

Q13 Explain the concept of Job evaluation (JE).  Describe  the procedure of JE and how it is carried out in your organisation or an organisation you are familiar with.  Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to. .

. Q14   Discuss the rationale and approaches to Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS).  Meet some people who took VRS and prepare a list of their experiences with respect to pros and cons of VRS. .


   Q 15Explain the frameworks for compensation policy at Macro and Micro levels.  State the practical difficulties of the framework if any and suggest few improvement strategies. .


.   Q 16 Discuss the International Labour standards on wages.  Explain the norms for fixation of wages.  

    Q 17Review the existing compensation policies, programmes and practices of India.  Discuss the future trend of executive compensation.



 Q 18 List out the various steps involved in designing a performance – linked reward system.  Discuss how it is designed in your organisation or an organisation you are familiar with.  Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to.




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