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Ms-1 Dec 2011

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1. What is the impact of Organisation Structure and Organisation Chart in the functioning and efficiency of an organisation ? Discuss with examples the factors which influence the choice of the structure of an Organisation.

2. What is the role of Communication in the functioning of an organisation ? Explain with examples various channels of communication in an organisational set-up.

3. Why do people generally resist change ? Do personal factors of employees play role in this process ? Briefly discuss the common coping strategies for change. Explain with examples.

4. Define delegation. What are the basic assumptions of delegation of authority, and

problems faced in doing so in an organisational set-up ? Explain with suitable examples.

5. Write, short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Group formation

(b) Conflict handling strategies

(c) Span of control and managerial levels

(d) Building Inter-personal skills

(e) Determinants of organisational climate

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