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(39) Excel is a versatile spreadsheet package. It can do wonder for accountants. Comment.

(40) With so many ready made and customized software available-The need for a manager is to learn to use them effectively rather than learn to program them.. Do you agree?

(41) What makes Java an almost perfect web programming language?What are its disadvantages?

(42) What are the different phases of traditional system life cycle?

(43) What are the three phases of traditional system life cycle where users are highly involved?

(44) What are the various steps and deliverables in the development phase?

(45) In which phase of system life cycle the following are performed? Defining the problem, identifying its causes, specifying the solution, and identifying the information requirements.?

(46) What are the three major areas of feasibility, which are addressed in system analysis?

(47) Which of the design lays out the components of the system and their relationship to each other, as they would appear to users?

(48) What types of resources are used in an information system?

(49) What are the different types of computer based information system used in different functional areas business by organizations?

(50) Who are the typical users of information system?

(51) What is the most common form of IT enabled organizational change?

(52) Which form of organizational change requires business processes to be analyzed simplified and redesign?

(53) When outsourcing should be used by the organizations?

(54) How Information systems can contribute for total quality management?

(55)What are the technology related challenges that are invisible to your organization? Highlight the pitfalls? How integrated software applications can help in this?

(56) What are integrated software applications? Talk about their advantages and business utility.

(57) Write notes on the business software solutions provided by
(a) SAP
(b) PeopleSoft
(c) Oracle
(d) Microsoft

(58) Compare the Business solutions provided by Microsoft and SAP. Is the rivalry justified? Clearly highlight the features which are common between the two.

(59) Explain briefly the terms:
(a) subject orientation
(b) granularity
(c) aggregations
(d) partitioning
(e) time variancy.

(60) In the context of a data warehouse:
(a) what is a concept hierarchy?
(b) what do you mean by factual information?
(c) what is a snowflake schema?

(61) What is change in the focus of operations management? Is this change in the focus is due to tlie increase of competitiveness in Business? Elaborate
(62) What are the types of inventoty management systems? Define them and partition them into further classes. Also, briefly explain each subdivision.

(63) What is computerized mnaintenance management? Explain tlie conceptual model
through which the maintenance function can achieve its objectives on a sustained basis.

(64) How the financial systems, facilitated by computer software, are important economy of data processing and administrative efficiency?

(65)Computers are often referred to as 'number crunchers'. Evaluate the statement in the context of financial planning.

(66) What are the main features of a cotnpirterised General Ledger System?

(67)Identify the role of transaction processing system in the development information system.

(68) Suggest few modules, you would like to add to improve the Marketing Information System.

(69)List the analytical methods, which could be used effectively in the modules of human resource management for the development of subsystem.

(70) How does computerized Personnel Information systems help in managing human resources more efficiently?

(71) Discuss tlie importance of iniformnation system for business decisiotis.

(72) Distinguish between data and knowledge.

(73) Explain the steps involved in tlie developnient of busitless systems.

(74) Visit some of the organizations to identify the information systems used for better management. Suggest the ways for the improvement.?


(75) Identify arid rialne some of tlie computerized iliforrnatiorl systerns used in production management, HRD and marketing?.

(76)Does an organization have a right to collect and share information without the permission of person concerned? What are the ethical issues involved in information society.

(77) Every component of a computer such as software, hardware and network should be
protected. Justify!

(78) Why should every organization have a disaster recovery plan to protect itself? What are the main components of a disaster recovery plan?

(79)Write a brief note on virus threat and a protection strategy.

(80)Discuss fully the purpose of an information system.

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