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Mba retail management

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1.   What can be the various factors that effect the finance planning in a retailing business? Explain with examples

2. What are the specifications that .make retail business different from any other line of business?

3. Can you map the various phases through which an organisation goes through and also make a graph to support your answer.

4. List the key aspects that come as an output finance management in retailing

5. What cane be the various heads which can effect the finance. planning at the time of capital investment?

6) With respect to finance management please explain the following:


Strategy planning

Profit centre management

Resource Allocation

7) What are your key learning from budgeting activities? What are its implications?

8.  How collecting information about the merchandise sources is a tedious task?

9. How will you explore the possibility of having long term relationship with the vendor?

10.What measures can we take to minimise shrinkage?'

11. What are the main factors which should guide allocation of merchandise to stores in case of a chain of stores?

12. With examples explain what points should be kept in mind before entering into a negotiation with the vendor?

13. Define the following with examples:

Pay back period

Benefit - Cost ratio

Net Present value

Internal Rate of Return

Sales per sq ft


14. Define atmospherics and its importance in retail marketing mix?

15.  What are the key components of atmospherics and discuss each of them?

16. What is the relevance of store layout planning for a retail unit and discuss any two types of store layout,

17. Define visual merchandising and discuss important components of visual merchandise to leverage its benefits.

18.  What are the components of merchandise display fixtures and give brief account of any three?

 19. What are the major concerns of store space management and discuss retail space performance measures.

20 How important is the role of pricing in retail marketing mix?

21 Examine the various pricing objectives in the retail sector?

22What is the difference between margins and mark down? Explain it with an example and also when and how is it implemented?

23.Discuss any three pricing strategy used in retailing and how commonly is it adopted by retailers.

24. Can you give some more reasons causing change in customer attitude besides the one given in the unit?

25. Describe various considerations to be kept in mind while doing merchandise planning.

26.Select a category and make a list of national brands in that category. Now select some private brands and evaluate the comparative performance and benefit to the retailer.

27.  Explain what is merchandise mix and various factors affecting merchandise mix decision.

28. what is the significance of strategy in retailing industry?

29.State what the organizational mission of a financial services provider will look like?

30.Lister" a firm into food and groceries retailing across formats can you explain what would be broad contours of the strategic planning exercise and the role definition of top and store levelmanagement executives?

31. What would be the guiding objectives of an financial services provider and the guidelines of the planning process?

32. "Prius" a speciality food retailer. It plans to span the whole range of foods retailing fromconvenience foods, health foods, ready to oat, vegetable and fruits and processed foods. Formulate a category management framework and guideline policy with the role play definition of top levelmanagement and store level executives?

33.) Create a retailing organisational framework and the process of creating portfolios of products for an entity which wants to migrate from steel manufacturing focus to retailing focus as an SBU?

34 Outline the importance of services retailing and explain what needs to be done to explore its full potential in India?

35. Make a list of the various ways in which local markets areas are delineated? Further describe the variables used in screening of site alternatives?

36. Elaborate on the significance of locational decisions for an upcoming construction specialty mall coming up in your neighbourhood?

37 Describe the role of traffic arteries and lanes in determining the evaluation of a retail site?

38. Describe the role of the two locational theories

39. Character ize a strategic plan. Describe its purpose?

40.  What are the options available to the retailer for communicating to the customer?

41.  Analyse the retail communication strategy of any major retail chain.

42. Critically evaluate the role of sales people in communicating a positive image to the customers

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