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Consumer behaviour Question Bank

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Consumer behaviour  Question Bank


Q.1      Briefly explain the VAL II lifestyles approach. How in your view is this explanation of         lifestyles segments useful in development of marketing strategy?

Q.2      How does the knowledge of personality help marketers develop suitable marketing             communication? How will you as a marketer use the knowledge of consumer personality to  develop  advertisement campaigns Describe in each case how the knowledge of personality has been applied.

Q.3      What do you understand by motivational conflict?  Talk friends/close  associates about some of their recent purchases and collect from their examples of

  1. Approach  approach conflict
  2. Approach avoidance conflict
  3. Avoidance Conflict

What in your view is the application to which a marketer may put this knowledge ? (Faculty notes)

Q 4 Analyse the latest major organizational purchase within your own organization or any other organization that your are familiar with respect of (June 2007)

  1. Factors influencing the purchase decision
  2. Management of risk related to the decision

Q 5 As part of the urban administration, you want to change attitudes of young vers and promote safe diving habits.  Explain how would you use your understanding of the tricomponent model of attitudes to plan your strategies  for attitude change.

Q 6 Carefully study the Indian media for advertisements using celebrities. Find atleast three examples of

  1. Celebrities used as experts
  2. Celebrities used for product endorsement

Celebrities used as spokesperson

Q 7 Taking a sample of ten families study the assignment of decision making roles in an Indian family for


  1. purchase of consumer durables
  2. purchase of insurance
  3. long term investment decision
  4. health care service

Q 8 What are the factors that determine the extent of information search for products             and services : Explain with reference to the decision involving

  1. search for a restaurant for taking your family out for dinner
  2. search for a residential accommodation
  3. search for a pediatrician

Q 9 Read the case given below and answer the question given at the end of the case.

Q 10 What learning approach and principles would you use to teach   consumers about Medicine from Nature? (June 2000)

Q 11 How would you establish a favorable attitude for Medicine from Nature?

Q 12 Develop an ad or marketing approach to create a positive attitude toward             Medicine from Nature focusing on the -----------------component.

a. Cognitive.

b. Affective

Q 13 To what motive(s) would you appeal to induce consumers to use Medicine from Nature?

Q 14 Carefully study the organizational buying behavior in your own organization or any other organization that you are familiar with. Based on your study, describe the environmental, organizational, interpersonal and personal factors which influenced the last major purchases made by the organization.

Q 15 Describe the needs that the following products would satisfy. Based on your answer, in each case      suggest what appeals should the marketer use to motivate the customers to buy the products?

  1. a music system
  2. a motorcycle
  3. a washing machine

Q 16 Identify one advertisement each, which in your view are based on  classical conditioning,     instrumental conditioning and cognitive learning . Discuss each advertisement to explain how it utilizes the respective theory of learning .

Q 17 How can a marketer use the understanding of self concept to develop marketing strategies for     product like mens suiting and cars? Briefly explain the meaning and significance of self concept        for marketing decisions by applying it to the above buying situations

Q 18.. For the following products, suggest the type of reference groups  that can be expected to      influence the purchase decisions. Justify your answer in each case

  1. expensive watches
  2. refrigerators
  3. vacation packages

Q 19 Which stage in the Product lifecycle would constitute the most lucrative segment for the        following products and why? In accordance with your answer, suggest the most appropriate       promotions strategies in each case. .(Faculty notes )

  1. multivitamin capsules
  2. washing machines
  3. mouthwash
  4. Mutual funds

Q 20 Describe the role of cultural values in influencing consumer behavior. How would you, as a marketer of credit cards utilize your knowledge of culture to market these products in India? Discuss in detail

Q 21 How would the knowledge of social stratification and the influence of Social class on buying behavior affect the development of marketing strategy for            A shopping complex

  1. A new  magazine
  2. A public service NGO

Q 22 What are the factors that contribute to extensive search of information in consumer decision-          making and the factors that reduce the search for external information ? Discuss With reference to          the following purchase situations: Automobile repairs

  1. Life insurance
  2. Soft drinks
  3. Pension plans

Q 23 Describe the decision rules or choice heuristics that you have used or would expect to use in case    of your own decision of the following. Justify your answer in each case :

  1. Selection of a school for a child
  2. Buying your first computer
  3. Contribution to charity

Buying your residential house.

Q 24 How does the Howard Sheth model explain the consumer decision process?  Describe in detail, using the example of the last consumer durable purchased by your family (Faculty notes)

Q 25  Explain Attitude Toward-the-Ad Models. Discuss the strategic marketing implications of this model

Q 26.  Explain how by altering components of the Multi-Attribute Model and changing beliefs about the competitor's brands the marketers can alter consumer attitudes ?

Q 27 Distinguish between consumer behaviour and organizational buying behaviour. What buying decisions do business buyers make?

Q 28. Define the term `Perception'. Explain the Weber's Law of the,j.n.d. Discuss the marketingapplication of Weber's theory of j.n.d.


Q 29. What is "Self Perception Theory" of Learning ? Discuss the relevance of this theory from themarketing strategy point of view.


Q. 30. What is Reference Groups? How do Reference Groups influence Consumers?


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