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Saturday, 05 December 2015 10:54

Top Operating System Concepts and Networking Management

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(52) What is meant by being in invisible mode in Yahoo Messenger?

(53) How do you being chatting with a friend?

(54) What would you want to buzz a friend?

(55) What are the different status massages that you can show others?

(56) How can you save a transcript of the conversation you have had with a friend?

(57) What happens if you try to cat a non-existent file?

(58) Can you look at tlie listing of a directory if you do not liave search permission on it? Why?

(59) Which of the commands you have learnt so far are filters?

(60) How will you count the number of all files in a directory?

(61) Write a shell script that prints out the contents of some fixed file in upper case.?

(62) Discuss the advanthges and d~sadvantages of Bus & Mesh Topologies.?

(63) What are the roles of protocols in a computer network?

(64) What happens if you type in your login name all in upper case?

(65) Try using your mouse just after logging in at the console when you are in text mode.What          appens? Are you able to perform any operation with the mouse?

(66) What are the characters you need to use to correct typing mistakes while logging in? How do         you correct typing mistakes while entering the password?

(67) How many previous commands can you invoke by using the arrow keys?

(68) How will you enter a '\' in the command that you invoke?

(69) How can you get the,calendar for some other month in some other year?

(70) Find out how to set the system date. Why do you think only the super user is allowed        to do this?

(71) What does Linux have to say about choosing passwords? Find out from the documentation.?

(72) How mucli control does the "S command allow you over the output? Can you read a long          file in sequence easily by this method?

(73) What would happen if your home directory did not exist and you tried to login?

(74) How would you put a space into a filename?

(75) How can you control whether you see different file types in different colours?

(76) Find out how to sort the output on time rather than alphabetically.?

(77) What happens if you try to cd to a non-existent directory?

(78) Can there be a file under a directory with the same name? Why?

(79) What is a system call?

(80) What are the basic design issues in the distributed operating systems.?

(81) What is the basic difference between Network operating systems and Distributed        operating systems.

(82) What are the features of Memory Management subsystem?

(83) What are the different states of a Linux operating system?

(84) What is the purpose of a file system?

(85) What is GUI and what are its features?

(86) What is the difference between Bitmapped and character based displays?

(87) What are the four major components of GUI? Explain the functioning of any one


(88) How does MS-Windows enhance DOS environment?

(89) How are graphics supported in MS-Windows?

(90) What types of utilities are provided in Toolbox? Explain their features.?

(91) Explain the function~ng of Resources Manager and Menu Manager of Toolbox.?

(92) What is the basic philosophy of X-windows? How is it different from the rest of GUIs?

(93) What are the major components of NeXTSTEP? How do these elements?

(94) How are applications written in NeXTSTEP environment?

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