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1 Explain the meaning of Abiotic Environment with the help of appropriate examples?

2 Discuss the impact of tourism on environment and suggest measures to reduce adverse impacts ?

3 Write an essay on Responsible Tourism ?

4 What is Tourism Master Plan ? Explain.

5 Analyse critically the relationship between conservation requirements and development ?

6 Describe Chipko Movement and the 
debate on building large dams in India ?

7 Discuss how tourism is both an opportunity to the locals as well as pressure on locals?

Evaluate the impact of tourism on wildlife?

9 Discuss the importance of wetlands. Also examine the impact ol tourism on wetlands ?

10 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each :
(i) The Aquatic 
(ii) Indian Philosophy and Environment
(iii) VisitorBehaviour
(iv) The Making of Shimla
(v) Adventure Sports

11 What are the different components of the abiotic environment ? How have they changed with time ?

12 Explain main elements of Indian 
philosophical views on environment?

13 Write an essay on the relationship between environment and development?

14 What is multiplier effect ? How does it affect the economy of an area 

15 How does tourism affect environment ? Discuss critically.

16 How did the National Action plan of 1992 affect tourism ? Describe.

17 How would you identify pressures and assess thresholds on environment in the context of tourism ?

18 Write a note on the process through which various mountains were transformed into hill stations ?

19 What are wetlands ? How does excessive tourism affect them ?

20 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each :
Hotels and Resorts
(b) Wildlife
(c) Politics of Environment
(d) Tourism Master Plan

21 Describe in detail the nature of 
terrestrial biomes of the world ?

22 How is environment described in the Indian philosophical tradition ? Discuss.

23 Does tourism activity always affect environment adversely ? Examine.

24 Examine the importance of regional assets in tourism development ?

25 Discuss the role of locals in tourism development ?

26 Examine the nature of wild life in any two biogeographic zones of India?

27 Describe how the hill-stations of Darjeeling and Nilgiris were established ?

28 Examine the character of beaches in India. What are the possibilities of tourism promotion there ?

29 Write an essay on the water sports in India ?

30 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each :
(a) The Ecosystem and its components
Sustainable Development
(c) Importance of Tourism Master Plan
(d) India Tourism Policy-1982
(e) Visitor Behaviour and Environment.

31 What are biomes ? Describe some of the terrestrial biomes of the world.

32 How has the environmental question been understood in the Indian philosophical
tradition ?

33 Write a note on the nature of relationship between environment and development?

34 Define 'Community'. How have 
local communities been influenced by tourism ?

35 Write a note on tourism as a tool for conservation.
36 Write an essay on the politics of environment?

37 What are the ways in which the local 
physical environment is affected by visitor behaviour ?

38 Write a note on wild life ? How does it get affected by tourism ?

39 Write an essay on the role of different kind of accommodation in promoting tourism?

40 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each :
(a) Tourism Master Plan
(b) Wet 
(c) Hill Stations
(d) Multiplier Effects

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