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1 What are the methods of profiling tourists ? How does it help in promoting a destination ?

2 Discuss various types of 
museums. How can they be used for educational purposes ?

3 Discuss the city of Mumbai as a tourism destination for different types of tourists?

4 Discuss the adventure sports tourism with special reference to India?

5 Write a 
detailed note on the importance of crafts and folk art in the promotion of tourism?

6 Give a detailed account of the project of 'Palace Wheels'. Is it a successful project ?

7 Discuss the policy of the government for marketing Indian tourism outside India?

8 What do you understand by highway services ? How has the state of Haryana used them for promoting tourism ? 

9 Describe the basic concept of beach and island tourism with examples from Kovalam and Lakshdweep ?

10 Write short notds on any two of the following in about 250 words each :
(i) Taj Mahal as a monument
(ii) Khajurahofestival
(iii) Gir National Park
(iv) Tirupati and Kamakhya

11 Write a comprehensive note on the anthropology of tourism?

12 How are escorting Services important for tourism ? Discuss

13 Prepare a plan for a group of 
foreign tourists to undertake a daylong tour of any popular tourist city of India?

14 Describe Mumbai as a business city ?

15 Discuss the usefulness of adventure sports for tourism and give suitable examples?

16 Examine the tourism potential of 
Kovalam beach resort?

17 Write an essay on evolutionary stages of the growth of the 
pilgrim Tourism in India?

18 Describe Palace on wheels and its significance as a tourism product?

19 What is Operation Europe ? How did it help tourism ? Discuss.

20 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following : 
(a) Gir National Park

(c) Heritage Hotels

21 What is the advantage of profiling tourists ? How do you profile foreign tourists ? Explain. 

22 Describe Taj Mahal to a group of domestic tourists visiting AgrU for the first time?

23 Take a group of foreign tourists on a visit to Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai and describe it to them?

24 Write a detailed letter to your friend giving information about Khajuraho Festival?

25 Discuss the role of cuisine in promoting a tourism destination?

26 Discuss the historic importance of jim Corbett National Park in promoting wildlife tourism in India?

27 Examine the role of cultural festivals in tourism in India?

28 Give an account of Kalinga-Bali yatra and its significance for Regional tourism?

29 Give details of 
Heritage Hotel Scheme and discuss its role in tourism promotion ?

30 Write about 300 words each on any following :
(a) Guest Host Relationship.
(b) Highway Services.
(c) Arts and Crafts in Tourism.

31 Mention the factors that effect the Guest-Host relationship in Tourism Industry ?

32 What are the attributes of a good wildlife Tourism Guide ? What are the problems 
faced by wildlife Tourism Guides and Escorts ?

33 As a Tour Manager, explain the points to consider while preparing for a tour. Also mention the problems one may encounter with tourists during a tour?

34 Explain with the help of an example, the role of Dance Festivals in attracting tourists to India.

35 Examine the tourism potential of Gir National Park?

36 Explain the role of crafts and 
folk art in Tourism?

37 Write an essay on the Kalinga-Bali Yatra?

38 Discuss the role and importance of PATA in the Tourism Industry ?

39 What do you understand by Heritage Hotel ? Explain the features of a Heritage Hotel.

40 Write short notes on any two of the following in about 300 words each 
(a) Taj Mahal
(b) Hindu Pilgrimage sites in India

Beach Tourism

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