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International marketing management part 2

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International marketing management part 2

.35) As Today's organisations are facing international competition, advertisement plays

more important role. Do you agree ? Explain the rationale behind international advertising.

36) Discuss the role of advertising in the international marketing process.

37) Compare the different approaches to budgeting for advertising.

38) What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of going in for a standardized vs.

an adaptive advertising process across countries?

39) Explain briefly the necessity for advertising regulations. Compare the advertising regulations in United States and Saudi Arabia.

40) Discuss the merits and demerits of direct mail as a promotional tool. How does it different Erom other form of advertising ?

41) What do you understand by perso~lal selling? Disc~lss the various steps involved in personal selling, with appropriate examples.

42) Between personal selling and sales promotion, which conlmunication tool will be most effective in promoting sales of the following products? Give reasons for your answer.

a) A rare painting

b) A new brand of toothpaste

43) A non-government organizatioil (NGO) devoted to the cause of environlllental

protection desires to obtain favourable publicity for its activities. Prepare a detailed

plan for the NGO to manage its publicity campaign.

44) You company is in the process of introducing a new brand of toilet soap in a highly competitive market. What sales promotion tools would you recommend to enthuse consumers, distributors and the company's own salesforce to buy and promote the product? Discuss.

45) Explain in detail the main consumer promotion tools.

46) Differentiate between domestic and international marketing planning.

47) Now do entry objectives in a given foreign market affect the marketing planning for that market? Explain with examples.

48) What barriers make controlling international operations more complex than controlling domestic marketing activities? Explain with the help of specific examples.

49) Explain how are contractual arrangements utilised for effecting control of international operations?

50) Comment upon the communication systems that can be established for effective control systems.

51) Discuss briefly the sequence of control process used to control overseas marketing operations.

52) Discuss the emerging global competitive environment. Examine whether small enterprises have scope in the emerging global business environment.

53) Explain how mergers and acquisitions affect global competition.

54) Examine how advances in information technology impact business.

55) Discuss some of the important social, ethical, and environmental issues in international business.

56) Write short notes on the following: (a) Telemarketing; (b) e-business.

57) Explain the significance of international marketing research in today's globalised market.

58) In what manner do political system and economic factors influence international marketing? Answer with suitable examples.

59) Suggest an appropriate structure of international marketing information system for 3

firm which is in the export of leather products with a turnover of Rs.5 crore per


60) 'International marketing resemch is full of complexities'. Comment.

61) Why is analysis of data important in the market research process? Elaborate the steps involved in the data analysis process.

62) What do you understand by classification and tabulation.

63) What is the rationale of having a separate section on summary of findings and conclusions in the report when the main body of the report will also contain findings and conclusions? Explain.

64) "A marketing research report should merely present the findings. It must not comment on the possible course of action(s) to be taken on the basis of the study results". Comment.

65 ) "Poor presentation will undo the entire mkket research exercise". Comment.

66) Define service and explain how they are different from products.

67)  Compared withproducts , marketing of services posses distinctive challenges to marketers . Explain why it is so , and enumrate the marketers challengers .

68) Explain the importance of services world trade . Critically Evaluate the opportunities for India in international of marketing services.

69) What are the alternative strategies of international marketing of services ? Explain them with appropriate illustrations . Critically evaluate these strategies and suggest which services each of them suitable .

70) Discuss various barries to international marketing of services . Examine how the barries can be overcomed with the implementation of GATS.

71) Explain the main features of GATS .

72)  GATS ellminates various legal barries to international marketing in services Discuss.

73) Identify the services that offer potential for international marketing and examine Indias strengths and weakness is exploting the potential .

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