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Ms-9 june 2007

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MS-9   June , 2007

MS-9 : Managerial economics

1.Differentiate between 5 types of rnarket using the following characteristics :

(a) Number of independent sellers

b) seller concentration

c) Product differentiation

(d) Conditions of entry

2.Describe the various types of price discrimination. Is price discrimination a characteristic of monopoly or perfect competition ? Explain.

3. (a) Explain and illustrate the various returns to scale.

(b) What is Operating Leverage ? Give examples.

4. Discuss various Demand Forecasting Techniques. Illustrate your answer with examples.

5. Write notes on any four of the following :

(a) Value maximisation

(b) Technical efficiency

(c) Peak load pricing

(d) Equilibrium price

(e) Price bundling

6. Fill in the blanks :

(i) If e > 1, the total revenue curve has a _____slope.

(ii) The value of total revenue reaches _________when elasticity is equal to 1.

(iii) If the demand is _______ do increase in price will result in a decrease of the total revenue.

(iv) Any straight line supply curve passing through the _______ has elasticity equal to one.

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