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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 09:48

MS 43 JUNE 2015

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Term-End Examination
June, 2015

1. 'Management techniques such as Just In Time (JIT) and Benchmarking are in tune with the conceptual foundation of Management Control Systems'.Explain.
2. Explain the meaning of Business Process Re-engineering ? What are the rules laid down
for re-engineering and integration by Hammer ?
3. How does the top management in any organisation decide as to which particular unit
of the organisation be designated as cost centre, revenue centre, profit centre or investment
centre ?
4. What is transfer pricing ? Describe the traditional transaction methods for determining the transfer price.
MS-43 1 P.T.O.
5. Define Budgetary Control and the steps involved in budgetary control system. In what way is
standard costing different from budgetary control ?

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