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annamalai university mba assignments today

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1 Suggest any suitable motivational theory for IT industry and substantiate your
2. “Attitude determines your Altitude”-Substantiate your views on this quote with
relevant corporate examples.
3. “A happy Worker is a productive worker”- Discuss in a behavioural perspective.
4. ‘Organisational development involves the development of organization in the
light of its future expansion plan’. Elaborate your views.
1. Discuss MIS strategies that companies in the electricity utilities industry could
employ to achieve a competitive advantage.
2. “The best way to reduce systems development costs is to use application
software packages or fourth-generation tools”. Do you agree or disagree?
Substantiate your answer.
3. Adopting an enterprise application is a key business decision as well as a
technology decision. Do you agree or disagree? Justify your views.
4. Discuss in detail the activities involved in the development of e-commerce based
Information System in a retail sector.
1. Create an ER diagram for the loan management system of a finance company.
Loans are given on the purchase of various items with different interest rates.
The company keeps track of defaulters and taken appropriate steps against
them. Make and state suitable assumption (if any).
2. Draw a neat sketch to indicate the architecture of a distributed data base system for
college administration process with an example. Explain the various forms of data
for fragmentation used in DDB.
3. Develop a conceptual data model for a hospital information system and write a
PL/SQL program using oracle to perform the following tasks.
a) Print the patient – details according to room wise.
b) Print the patient – details according to disease wise.
c) Print the patient – details according to the doctors attending them.
(Assume your own tables and fields)
4. Consider the following relational schema
Account (A/C No., branch name, balance)
Loan (Loan No., A/C No.)
Depositor (Customer Name, A/C No.)
Borrower (Customer Name, Loan No.)
Write queries in SQL for the following.
a) Find all loan number for loan made at Thanjavur branch.
b) Find all customers who have both a loan and an account in the bank at each
c) Find the number of depositors in each branch.
1. Give the skeleton of the design of a virtual library system for the UGC.
2. E – Commerce is a boom to the corporate world – comment.
3. Compare the communication system in traditional business and on-line
4. Discuss the role of data mining techniques and data visualization in ECommerce.
1. Rank the various ERP packages in the order of their market share. Give suitable
suggestions for your ranking.
2. Carrying out a study of EPC as adopted by SAP and show how it complements
the Generic Modeling Technique.
3. Is IRP implementation same as ERP packages implementation? Give reasons for
your answer.
4. Discuss briefly about the organization with ERP and organization without ERP.
Which type of organization is better? Substantiate your views.
1. Suppose that a data warehouse for big-university consist of the following four
dimensions: Student, Course, Semester and Instructor, and two measures count
and avg_grade. When at the lowest conceptual level (Ex. For a given student,
course, semester and instructor combination), the avg_grade measure stores the
actual course grade of the student. At higher conceptual level, avg_grade stores
the average grade for the given combination.
a. Draw a snowflake schema diagram for the data warehouse.
b. Starting with the base cuboid (Student, Course, Semester, Instructor). What
specific OLAP operations (eg. Roll-up from Semester to Year) should one
perform in order to list the average grade of MBA courses for each biguniversity students.
c. If each dimension has five levels (including all) such as
Student<major<status<university<all, how many cuboids will this cube
contains (including the base).
2. Give an example where data mining is crucial to the success of a business. What
data mining functions does this business need? Can they be performed
alternatively by data query processing or simple statistical analysis?
3. Illustrate with an example, each of the following data mining functionalities:
(a) Association and Correlation analysis, (b) Classification, (c) Prediction,
(d)Clustering and (e)Evolution analysis.
4. Describe in detail about the various applications of data mining in finance,
biomedical science and retail fields.
1. a) How an user can be involved in defining a project? Explain.
b) Identify the milestones in a project schedules plan. Discuss the difficulties in
preparing the plan.
2. a) Compare the initial and final schedule of a project with an example.
b) How weak quality in a project can be anticipated? Justify your answer.
3. a) Discuss the relationships that exist among activities. Give examples.
b) How to create the activity responsibility matrix? Give its importance.
4. a) Discuss the vendor management tools in project.
b) Explain the various attributes of successful leader.
1. Design and develop a website using ASP .NET MVC 4, EF, Knockoutis and
Bootstrap for an online trading company.
2. Design a website on your own and discuss the following for developing your
(a) Identify which type of website you will design – personal, organizational or
commercial. Write a brief paragraph describing the website’s overall purpose
and its targeted audience. Create a name for your website.
(b) List atleast three general goals for your website. List elements in addition to
text – photos, music, animation, and so forth – that you could include on
your general goals.
(c) Identify the design tools you expect to use to develop your website.
(d) Identify an available domain name and URL for your website. Research to
make sure it is available.
3. Design and develop a website for a MNC and describe the following:
(a) Identify the element(s) that you could include on your website that would
convey to its audience that the website’s content is current.
(b) Identify the connectivity tools you will use to encourage users to publish or
promote your content and explain how you will use them.
(c) Identify ways you can promote interactivity at your website.
(d) Create an appropriate tag line for your website and describe how you will
use it in the website’s design.
(e) Describe how you plan to use basic design principles to enhance your
website’s usability.
4. Use any one of the search engine to search for websites for network marketing
companies and describe the following process: (a) Open each website in a different
tab; (b) Review the privacy and data security issues and tools discussed at each
website; and (c) Explain how you would use this information to ensure the privacy
of visitors’ information and the security of visitors’ data at your website.

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