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Ms-7 Question bank

Ms-7 Question bank (13)

Ms-7 Question bank

Term-End Examination
December, 2015
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
(Weightage 70%)
Note : Answer any four questions. All questions carryequal marks.

1.(a) What is the purpose of a TPS ? How does itcompliment MIS in an organisation ?
   (b) Discuss some of the benefits of using a Firewall for the LAN.

2.(a)What are the various ways of assessing the value of information ? Explain any one method briefly.
   (b)What impact does the implementation of programmed decision - making have on the management system of an organisation ?

3. (a) Discuss the use of computers in decision - making for Human Resource Management.
    (b) Give reasons for the statement - "Information Systems Contribute to Total Quality Management".

4. (a) What is Outsourcing Information System ? List its advantages and disadvantages.
    (b) What are the phases of traditional system life cycle where users are highly involved ?

5.(a) What are expert systems ? Mention the working principles of expert systems.
   (b) In context of a data warehouse, what is a concept hierarchy ?

6.(a) Discuss the competitiveness of ICT with respect to modern business practices.
   (b)Highlight the impact of ICT for developing nations with respect to the economic activities.

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MS 7 JUNE 2015

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 1. (a) What are Plug and Play devices ? Explain the role of Operating system in the working
           of these devices.
    (b) Explain the client/server architecture. What is a thin client and a fat client ?
2. (a) What are the main reasons for failure of aninformation system ?
    (b) Discuss the role of MIS at various management levels.
3. (a) What are integrated software applications? Talk about their business utility ?
    (b) What are non - programmed decisions ?Describe the steps by which one can arrive
         at a conclusion in such case.
4. (a) Can an information system be used to ensure quality ? Give reasons for your answer.
    (b) Describe the important features of Microsoft Excel. Why is it called the most versatile and
         popular spreadsheet programs ?
MS-07 1 P.T.O.
5. (a) How can you use the Web as a data sourcefor your data warehouse ?
    (b) Define a Decision Support System (DSS).Why is DSS more of a facility than a system ?


June 2013


1. (a) Define multi-tasking and time-sharing system. Name different generations of programming languages and their characteristics.

(b) Distinguish between Internet and Intranet. Describe Client and Server architecture.

 2. (a) Define MIS. What are the main features of an MIS ? Can you visualize MIS without computers ?

(b) What impact does the implementation of programmed decisio-making have on the management system of an organization ?

 3. (a) Why should every organization have a disaster recovery plan to protect itself ? What are the main components of a disaster recovery plan ?

(b) Discuss in detail Information Systems in functional areas and decision-making.

 4. (a) Computers are often referred to as "number crunches". Evaluate the statement in the context of financial planning.

(b) What are the technology related challenges in any organization ? Highlight the pitfalls. How integrated software-application can help in this ?

 5. (a) "With so many ready made and customized softwares available, the need for a manager is to learn to use them effectively rather than learn to program them". Do you agree ?

(b) Discuss different types of data in database system. What are the developments in database technology with respect to data types ?

 6. (a) Differentiate between DSS, MIS and EIS with the help of suitable examples. Why is DSS more of a facility than a system ?

(b) What do you understand by Artificial Intelligence ? What are it's current Applications ?

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