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Tourism-management-paper (6)


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Important points to remember

Define tourism,

Understand the Tourism,

Explain the Features of tourism,

A tourist, tourist product and destination,

Types of tourism

1.Define tourism. Why is it different from travel?

2.Why is tourism called a phenomenon in modem society?

3. What are the essential feature of a tour? Why is a package tour a popular phenomenon? Explain the Purpose of Tourism

4. Differentiate between different forms of tourism and link them to impacts on the

environment and culture

5. Explain the origin and development of Mass Tourism and package holidays.

6. What do you understand by a total resort concept.

7. What is the link between vacations and tourism

8. What is he importance of statistical records in tourism?

9. Discuss the contributions made by Greeks for the development tourism.

10. What type of tourism was promoted by the British in India?

11. Why was the ITDC established

12. Why cannot Tourism be ignored by policy makers

13. Explain The success of a destination, howsoever attractive it may be depends on the effectiveness of the Tourist System.

14. Discuss the aims and functions of IATA.

15. Explain the functions and aims of TAAI.

16. Mention the types of travel visa. How can a travel visa be extended

17. Why should a tourist be advised to exchangc currency through lcgal channels only.

18. Describe the effects of pollution on tourism.


Why should we know the habits, hobbies etc. of tourists?

How does the knowledge of World tourism trends help in tourist development?

Discuss the five major points to be explored in the Sociology of tourism

List the methodologies adopted in studying the Sociology of tourism. What is the emphasis in the individual method?

What is the importance of field work in anthropological studies of tourism?

What alternative modes of travel are generally available for city tours in world

How many stops would you plain for a day long city tour ?

Write short notes on the plan of Taj Mahal as you will describe to the tourists ?

What kind of flowers have been used as motifs in Taj Mahal and what is their significance

How would you explain the architect of Taj Mahal?

Mention the accounts of European travellers about the Taj Mahal.

Write short notes on       Himalayan Tourism.

What kind of expectations a tourist has from the guide in the Himalayas

What are the rare stone sculptures in the Museum?

Why do tourists visit a wild life Sanctuary?

What are the common behavioural features of wild life tourists?

What is the role of photography in wild life tourism?

What is the importance of ecological awareness in wild life tourism?

What do many visitors look for when they travel, in addition to monuments and a pleasant place to stay?

Discuss the relationship between wildlife and tourism.

What advice will you give to tourists to help conservation efforis?

What are the major constraints faced in the development of island tourism?

Why are hill resorts located in lesser Himalayas becoming popular today?


1. Explain coding and decoding? Explain similarities between coding and decoding?

2 Explain the features of status and action codes?

3. Explain the Flight charts and Flight information in International Airports.

4. Explain the systems and procedures form charts in fare calculation?

5. Explain the various types of fares? How do you calculate fares from charts?

6. Distinguish between Indian Airlines and private Airlines?

7. Discuss the procedure for issuing of tickets.

8. Explain the procedure for calculation of excess baggase fare.

9. Discuss discounted fares, open ticket and request ticket.

10. Explain the procedure followed in preparing charts for one way and Return flights?

11 Examine the various cultural pattern of India.

12. Explain the features of religious tourism in India.

13. Discuss about the dances of India.

14. India is land of festivals  How?

15 Cultural tourism in India is based on various temples in India.

16 Enumerate the shopping and handicrafts wealth of India.

17 Explain how wild life sanctuaries are having the dual advantage   of environmental protection and a place of tourism attraction.

18. Enumerate the speciality of golden triangle in India.

19 Bring out the salient features of Mughal Architecture.

20. Highlight the tourism attractions of Chennai and Bangalore.

21. Discuss the impact of tourism on Indian economy.

22   What are the basic components of tourism? Bring out the importance of Tourism in the present day.

23   Explain the role and responsibilities of tour escort.

24. What are the factors to be considered for arranging a foreign tour?

25. Explain the steps and importance of Itinerary planning.

26. Explain the effects of Industrial Revolution on the development of Tourism.

27. Trace the various causes for the development of Indian Tourism.

28. Mention the various Public Relations Techniques to Promote Tourism.

29. Explain the effective tour booking techniques.

30.Explain the procedures for calculating the cost of a package tour.

31. Enumerate the contribution of Indian railway in transport system.

32 .Trace the reasons for accidents in Delhi metro rail and how it will contribute to the transport system.

33. Bring out the development and promotional factors for Palace and Wheels.

34. Compare and contrast Indian Airlines with other private airlines.

35. Explain the special features and facilities that are offered by Rajdhani & Shatabadi trains.

36. Illuminate the internal relationship between transport and accommodation system.

37. Explain the different types of accommodation facilities offered by star hotels.

38. Elaborate the need and importance of categorization of hotels.

39.          Write short notes on:

a)            Taj group Hotels

b)            Oberoi group Hotels

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                  CABIN CREW QUESTIONS

1. Explain about the development of aviation industry in India.

2. Discuss the 24 hour clock and the implications of time differences.

3. What are the advantages of working as cabin crew ?

4. List out recruitment criteria for cabin crew.

5. Elucidate the importance of customer service in airline business.

6. How will you handle passenger complaints ? Explain with examples.

7. What is etiquette ? Discuss the importance of etiquette and how it should be followed while serving meals.

8. Briefly explain the phonetic alphabet ? Mention the various phonetic alphabets.

9. Enumerate the pre-flight checks to be carried out by the cabin crew.

10. How is crew documentation carried out ? Discuss it in detail.

11. What are the general duties and responsibilities of a cabin crew ?

12. Write a note on the pre-flight checks to be carried out by the cabin crew.

13. Give the procedure of recruitment for cabin crew in detail.

14. Aviation Industry in world. - Discuss.

15. Explain how will you handle passenger complaints with examples.

16. Discuss the need and importance of world geography.

17. List out all the phonetic alphabets.

18. How will you link customer service with the aviation industry ?

19. What do you understand by the term Crew Documentation ? Give its features

20.Aviation Industry in India  Discuss.

21.What is the 24 hour clock? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of time differences.

22.List out the merits of working as cabin crew.

23.Explain about the recruitment criteria for cabin crew.

24.Customer service in airline business  Discuss.

25.What is crew documentation? Discuss it in detail.

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1. Describe the functional layout of airport.

2. Write brief notes on ground handling agencies.

3. Security arrangements in the airport. - Explain.

4. What are the procedures for mishandled luggage ?

5. Write short notes on :

(i) Ticketing.

(ii) Fares.

6. State the problems in cargo handling.

7. Describe the role and functions of IATA.

8. Explain about write notes on :

(i) DGCA.

(ii) COD.

(iii) Air traffic control.

9. Write notes on :

(i) Air way bill.

(ii) Diplomatic bag.

(iii) Cottage.

10. Briefly explain the cargo module.

11 Explain the phases of a flight.

12 Explain 16 Airline terms and explain them.

13.What are the various main types of baggages?

14.Write a short note on mishandled baggage and highlight the procedure to handle it.

15.Write down the steps in issuing a one-way ticket using cards.

16.What are the different factors that lead to fare differences?

17.Explain the role of IATA in International Air Travel.

18.Enumerate the functions of ICAO.

19.Write short notes on:

a) Cottage;           b) Air way bill

c) COD                 d) Diplomatic bag

20.What are the different types of Air Cargo? Explain

21.Enumerate the phases of a flight.

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1. Explain the organisation pattern followed in a hotel.

2. Write about the amazing growth and development of the hotel industry.

3.What are the different types of crockery and hallow ware ?

4. Elucidate the travel terminologies for ticketing and fare calculation.

5. Write a brief descriptions :

(i) SITI.

(ii) SOTO.

(iii) SITO.

6. Describe the ten commands of excellent customer service.

7. Discuss the steps in solving problems encountered by bad customer.

8. What is the job of the tour operator and travel agent ? - Explain.

9. Discuss the types of tour.

10. Explain in detail about the various types of rooms and rate plans Bell desk.

11. Describe in detail about the different types of hotel based on the size, star category, and ownership.

12.Explain in about the different types of the menus in detail.

13. Discuss the procedure to be followed in airline ticketing and reservations.

14. Briefly explain the types of trips, fares and rules followed in traveling terminology.

15. Why customer service in tourism is important ? -Explain.

16. What do mean by effective communication in tourism ? Explain briefly.

17. Write short notes on :

(i) Guides.

(ii) Cruises.

(iii) Group tour.

(iv) Package tour.

18. Describe in detail about the procedures to be followed in reservation and documentation by tour operation business.

19. Describe about the organization pattern in a Hotel

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