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IB0-01 Question Bank

IB0-01 Question Bank (2)

IB0-01 Question Banks,  International Business Environment 

December, 2012

IB0-01 : International Business Environment


1.  Comment on any four of the following :          

(a)  Political risk does not influence international business.

(b)  Exchange rates do not influence current account of balance of payments.

(c)  International capital flows do not strengthen the process of globalization.

(d)  New technologies do not lead to economies in the use of raw materials.

(e)  Arbitration is not preferred by international business persons.

(f)  Services do not occupy important place in Indian economy.


Answer any four of the following : 

2.  (a) How do domestic, foreign and global environment influence international business ?

(b) Explain the modern theory of international trade.

3.  What do you mean by globalization ? Discuss the major forces of globalization.          

4.  Describe the major problems faced by developing countries in promoting their exports. Suggest measures to solve these problems.          

5.  Enumerate various multilateral trade agreements and discuss any two of them.

6.  (a) Discuss the role of trade in services in the economic development of a country.

(b) Explain the recent trends in world trade in services.

7.  Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a)  Political environment

(b)  India and Transfer of Technology

(c)  Role of International Chamber of Commerce in Arbitration and conciliation

(d)  Globle Trade Point Network 

June, 2013

IB0-01 : International Business Environment


1. Comment on any four of the following statements :

(a) Basic functions, processes and techniques of international business are essentially the same as those involved in domestic business.

(b) The purpose of a trade theory is to explain the pattern of trade between two countries.

(c) The continuous deficits of balance of payments (BOP) is an important indicator in credit rating of countries.

(d) Trade policy is an important instrument to regulate the foreign trade.

(e) Globalisation refers to the absence of borders and barriers to trade between countries.

(f) Intellectual Property Rights have become an important issue in current international business scenario.


Attempt any four questions from this part :

2. How does following environment affect business decision of a firm ?

(a) cultural,

(b) economic and

(c) political.

3. Critically examine the Modern Theory of International Trade.

4. What is balance of payments ? How does disequilibrium occur in balance of payments ? Describe the methods of correcting the disequilibrium.

5. What are Transnational Corporations (TNCs) ? Why do firms become transnational ? Describe main features of TNC.

6. What are the major problems faced by developing countries in promoting their exports ? What are your suggestions to solve these problems ?

7. Explain the structure and functions of WTO. Point out major Pluriliteral trade agreements.

8. Attempt short notes on any two of the following :


(b) Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)

(c) Role of ICC in arbitration and conciliation

(d) The World Wide Web (WWW) 

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