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IBO-05 Question Banks

IBO-05 Question Banks (3)

IBO-05 , Question Bank,  International Marketing Logistics 

Term-End Examination
December, 2014
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 70%
Note : Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal

1. Explain the concept and elements of 'Marketing Logistics', and state the objectives to be achieved through a proper logistics system in the international marketing context.

 2. (a) Outline the role of road transport in movement of import and export cargo, and state the limitations of Indian road transport system in this context.

 (b) "Warehousing is an important link in the chain of marketing". Comment.

 3. "Despite increasing volume of India's overseas trade, the performance of Indian shipping has been rather disappointing". Elaborate on this statement and discuss the constraints faced by Indian shipping industry.

4. Distinguish between :

(a) Voyage Charter and Demise Charter.

(b) Shipowners' Lien and Maritine Lien.


(c) Perpetual and Periodical Review Systems used for replenishment of inventories.

5. (a) Describe the liabilities of a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) under Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act.

(b) Enumerate the precautionary measures to be taken by buyers and sellers to prevent the possible involvement in frauds.
6. Describe the consultation arrangements in
India for resolving shippers' problems.

7. What do you understand by conference system in liner shipping operations ? Explain its utility and outline the regulations (including provisions of UN Convention) concerning shipping conferences.

8. Write explanatory notes on any two of the following :

 (a) Trends in growth of global sea-borne trade.

(b) Inland Container Depots (iCD) and Container Freight Stations (CFS).

(c) Private Sector Participation for development of ports.

(d) Types of Surcharges levied on Basic Freight Rates.

December, 2012

IB0-05 : International Marketing Logistics

1.  Define Marketing Logistics and state its objectives. Also identify the recent developments in international logistics.

2.  (a) Why is inland water transport rarely used for movement of export-import cargo in India ? How can the situation be improved ?

(b) Explain the perpetual review system and periodic review system of replenishment of inventories.

3.  What are the problems faced by air transport industry in India ? State the impact of operation of private airways.

4. (a) Describe the importance of ocean transport in foreign trade of a country.

(b) State the problems faced by shipping industry in India.

5. (a) What is a bill of lading ? Discuss its main functions.            

(b) Describe the liabilities of MTO under Multi-Modal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993.

6.  Discuss the various environmental aspects which an organisation engaged in foreign trade has to reckon with and clarify their impact on the logistics system.

7.  What is Maritime Fraud ? State its dimensions and the factors that lead to commitment of Maritime Frauds.

8.  Write explanatory notes on  any two  of the following :           

(a)  Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau.

(b)  Role of AISC

(c)  Conference System

(d)  Multi-modal Transportation. 

June, 2013

IBO-05 : International Marketing Logistics

1. (a) What are the main activities involved in marketing logistics ? Explain them briefly.

(b) "Various developments in international logistics impacting both demand and supply sides have spurred the emergence of logistics as an important plank of corporate strategy". Discuss.

2. Describe briefly the working of Air India particularly in relation to providing marketing support for India's export-import trade. How has the open sky policy of the Government affected it ?

3. "The peculiarities of demand, distribution, competition and government regulations that differ from one country to another force the logistician into operating the logistics system in a manner different from domestic operations for the same product". In the light of this statement discuss the various aspects of international trade and their impact on the logistics system.

4. (a) What do you mean by liner shipping ? How does it differ from tramp shipping ?

(b) Outline the factors that a shipper has to keep in view while selecting a liner vessel.

5. (a) Describe the major concerns of shippers and shipowners in case of liner shipping.

(b) State the duties and liabilities of a carrier under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1925.

6. Discuss the policy initiatives taken up by the Government of India for the development of ports in India.

7. (a) What do you mean by Maritime Fraud ? State the factors that lead to commitment of maritime frauds.

(b) Describe the 'perpetual review system' and 'periodical review system' used for replenishment of inventories.

8. Write explanatory notes on any two of the following :

(a) Principles governing liner freight rates.

(b) Concept of Land Bridging and its promotion in India.

(c) UN Liner Code.

(d) Objectives and functions of warehousing corporations in India

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