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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 08:50

MS 5 JUNE 2015

Term-End Examination
1- June, 2015
1. (a) Depict the Material Flow characteristics ofa typical production process. Explain the
various types of production systems.
(b) Explain the concept of system life cycles ? Give suitable examples.
2. (a) How do you select the material fordeveloping a new product. Explain the product selection process.
(b) What is meant by "Capacity" ? How would you predict the future capacity requirements ?
3. (a) Explain the concept of work Design ? How would you correlate with the "Method
Study". Explain with suitable examples.
(b) Explain the meaning of "Design Factor" ?Illustrate it in the context of automobile
MS-5 1 P.T.O.
4. (a) How would you determine the optimum batch size ? Explain it briefly.

 (b) Briefly explain the technique of PERT. What managerial information can be obtained from PERT analysis.
5. (a) Explain the concept of Value Engineering. List the various phases of 'Value Engineering Job Plan'.

 (b) Write short notes of any two of the following. (i) Acceptance Sampling (ii) Cost of quality (iii) Statistical Process Control

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