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Ms-5 Question bank

Ms-5 Question bank (12)

Ms-5 Question bank

Term-End Examination
December, 2015

Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100 (Weightage 70%)
Note : (i) Answer any four questions.
(ii) All questions carry equal marks

1. (a) Explain the importantce of Management of materials in production system in modern
manufacturing industry.
(b) Distinguish between Strategic Decisions and Operational Decisions. Discuss.

2. (a) Describe the major quantitative models used for facility location.
    (b) Briefly explain the 'continuous flow process'. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a continuous flow process.

3. (a) Describe the work measurement procedure. Discuss the major techniques of work measurement.
    (b) "Environmental factor is necessary in modern industry." Do you agree ? Explain with examples.

4. (a) Describe 'Kilbridge - Wester' method and 'Helgeson - Birnie' method.
    (b) How maintenance system can be profitable in a large -scale industry ? Discuss the various types of maintenance systems.

5. (a) What is value engineering ? Discuss its importance.
    (b) Distinguish between 'quality control', 'quality assurance' and 'total quality management.'

6. (a) Describe the technique of 'economic order quantity'. Derive classical economic order quantity formula, state the major assumptions.

(b) State the objectives of codification. Discuss the essential features of a good codification system.

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MS 5 JUNE 2015

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Term-End Examination
1- June, 2015
1. (a) Depict the Material Flow characteristics ofa typical production process. Explain the
various types of production systems.
(b) Explain the concept of system life cycles ? Give suitable examples.
2. (a) How do you select the material fordeveloping a new product. Explain the product selection process.
(b) What is meant by "Capacity" ? How would you predict the future capacity requirements ?
3. (a) Explain the concept of work Design ? How would you correlate with the "Method
Study". Explain with suitable examples.
(b) Explain the meaning of "Design Factor" ?Illustrate it in the context of automobile
MS-5 1 P.T.O.
4. (a) How would you determine the optimum batch size ? Explain it briefly.

 (b) Briefly explain the technique of PERT. What managerial information can be obtained from PERT analysis.
5. (a) Explain the concept of Value Engineering. List the various phases of 'Value Engineering Job Plan'.

 (b) Write short notes of any two of the following. (i) Acceptance Sampling (ii) Cost of quality (iii) Statistical Process Control

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Ms-5 june 2007

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MS-5   june-2007



1. (a) Define Information Technology. Describe various types of information systems. Give example of each type of information system in order to differentiate

between them.

(b) What is an Operating System ? Describe various activities performed by a typical operating system

2. (a) Explain the systems concept in management information and control. Describe the management functions at various levels in the context of relationships between management and information needs.

(b) Discuss the ethical issues involved in the information society. Why is there a need to protect hardware and software from unauthorized access ? Discuss some of these mechanisms

3. (a) Why is it logical to organize IT applications by functional areas ? Discuss the role of computers in one such area.

(b) Briefly discuss the business software solutions provided by any one of the following :

(i) SAP

(ii) Oracle

4. a) Enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing Information System. When should outsourcing be used by the organizations ?

b) "With so many readymade and customized softwares available, the need for a manager is to learn to use them elfectively, rather than learn to program them. " Do you agree ?

5. (a) What are data models ? How would you classify the data models ? Differentiate between various data models, with suitable examples.

b) Explain Artificial Intelligence. Discuss few applications of artificial intelligence

6. Write short notes on any two of the following :

a) Online Analytical Process (OLAP)

b) Groupware

c) Smart Cards

7. Read the case given below and answer the questions given at the end.

Microstrategies DSS Products Help Dairyworld Foods Increase profitability

Dairyworld Foods, Canada's second-largest dairy cooperative and western canada's largest food manufacturer. uses MicroStrategy's DSS Agent tm a decision support tool for conducting business analyses, to better understand performance, improve customer service, and anticipate customer needs and profitability.

MicroStrategy is a leading relational on-line analytical processing (ROLAP) vendor.

The MicroStrategy-based application received industry acclaim for providing Dairyworld with a significant return on investment. In August 1997 it was awarded the 1997 Excellence in Business Information Award for having a significant and measurable impact on Dairyworld's business

"Using MicroStrategy's DSS Agent has had a dramatic impact on our business by helping us to improve our customer service, increase internal accountability, and

make more intelligent marketing and sales decisions," said David Lynn, manager of sales administration and development at Dairyworld.

Before Micro Strategy’s decision support system was implemented, four separate and incompatible sales reporting systems made it impossible for the company to analyze the performance of its 2,500 products and 50,000 customers worldwide a function critical to Dairyworld's survival. Using the system, Dairyworld is now able to analyze massive quantities of data to identify most or least profitable products, promotion performance in different cities, customers who brought in the most revenue, and poorly performing.brands, sizes and product lines.

After less than a year" Dairyworld has realized a positive return on its software, hardware and professional services investments. Since the software's implementation,

product managers have used the system to identify and eliminate poorly performing product lines, sales managers have evaluated specific customers profitability by product or brand, and the distribution group has determined which trucking routes are the most efficient and profitable. DSS Agent tm also errors made years before the was able to discover pricing system was implemented.

Dairyworld was able to develop its decision support system and realize value from its warehouse almost immediately. In just 10 weeks, Dairyworld created a decision support project using MicroStrategy's software and rolled out the pilot DSS project. Within the next six months, Dairyworld built a more detailed data warehouse and enhanced its decision support project. The new, improved decision support project was then rolled out to over 100 users, all of whom were educated on the system

Questions :

(a) What has Micro Strategy done to transaction-level) databases of Dairyworld ?

(b) Give reasons for the improved customer service and increased profitability of Dairyworld.

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