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Ms-24 june 2008

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MS-24    june 2008


l.  Outline  the objectives  of industrial  relations.  Briefly  explain Dunlop's  approach  to industrial  relations.

2.  Briefly  discuss  the structure  of Indian  trade  unions  .

3.  Briefly  explain  the  evolution  of managerial  unions  in  India. Describe  the  factors  influencing  the  formation  of managerial  unions  in India.

4. Briefly  explain  the  major  perspectives  that  are  dominating the  industrial  relations  scenario  since 1991

5-  write  short  notes on  any  three  of  the  following  : 

(a)  Functions  of  employers' organisations

(b)  Degrees  and forms  of  participative  management

(c)  Collective  Bargaining

(d)  Importance  of  Integrity  and  Trust  in  employment relations

(e)  Grievance redressal  mechanisms


6. Read the  following  case  and answer  the  questions  given at the end.

In  one  state,  the  Chief  Minister  was  invited  to  the annual conference of  a  union  where  union  elections were also  scheduled.  The  Chief  Minister  inaugurated  the conference  and  observed  as follows  :  "i  propose  that  you elect Mr.  XYZ  as your  president and  the  president in  turn elect  his  team.  "  Before  the  members  could  understand the  significance  of  what  the  Chief  Minister had  said there was  a  big  round  of  applause  from  the  audience presumably  orchestrated  by  supporters  of  the  Chief Minister's nominee  for  president ship  of  the  union. Before  anyone could say anything, quite a few  queued up  and  began  to  garland Mr.  XYZ.  Mr.  XYZ  then  rose and  announced the  names of  his nomin ees.  The  elections concluded. Those who  were elected  were  happy  about the smooth  and  cordial  manner  in  which  the  elections  had been  held.  Referring  to  two  cases in  the  recent  past  in neighbouring  factories,  they  said, irr  one  the  rival  unions spent  a  lot  of  money  in  elections. From  where  had  the money  come.  Would  the  ones  who  had  spent  so  much money  not  want  to  recover  it  in  one  form  or  another  ? Another  elected  person  was  talking  about  how management  manipulated  the  elections  to  have  a 'company'

union.  Some  of  the  people  who  had  aspired to  contest rvere dismayed but  could not  do  much  because of  the  atmosphere  in  which  the  whole  thing  had happened.


(a)  Comment  on  the  case  and  the  divergent viewpoints/perceptions  of  those  who  won  the elections without  contesting and  those  who  wanted to  contest  but  could not.

(b)  Discuss  the  problem of  trade union  democracy.

(c)  What  suggestions  do  you  have to  make trade  unions truly  for  the  members, of  the  members, and  by  the members ?

(d)  What  role,  if  any,  should management have  in  the manner  in  which  unions are  administered  ?  Is there a  justification for  managements to  intervene  in  the

internal  matters of  unions  on  the  grounds  that  the internal dynamics  of  unions affect the  functioning  of the  company wherein the  unions operate.

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