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Ms-55 June, 2013 Logistics And Supply Chain Management

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June, 2013

Ms-55 : Logistics And Supply Chain Management

1. (a) What is Physical Distribution Management ? Describe its components.

(b) Elucidate the "total approach" to Physical Distribution Management.

2. (a) What is more important - Inbound or Outbound logistics in a supply chain ?

(b) Explain the Push-Pull supply chain system. Why is it called an ideal mix ?

3. (a) Describe the methods of determining the information requirements for a supply chain.

(b) What do you understand by Distribution Resource Planning (DRP-II) ? How is it having an edge over Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) ?

4. (a) Explain Activity based Costing and mention its benefits over the Managemen Accounting.

(b) Explain the function based supply chain performance measurement system.

5. (a) Correlate the practical problems and factors influencing transportation of a company or carrier.

(b) Discuss the interdependence of location decision and distribution decision.

6. (a) How can reverse Logistics Cater to a green supply chain strategy in the future ?

(b) Briefly explain the four types of supply chain strategies proposed by Hau Lee. 

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