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Ms-55 December, 2012 Logistics And Supply Chain Management

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December, 2012

Ms-55 : Logistics And Supply Chain Management

1. (a) Describe the evolution of Supply Chain Concept. What in your opinion is the most important stage?

(b) How can customer service be improved by proper implementation of SCM?

2. (a) What are the reasons for variability in the supply chain? Explain in detail with relevant examples.

(b) What is World Class Supply Chain Management? Describe its three critical components.

3. (a) How are EDI, Internet and Intranet/ Extranet applied in SCM?

(b) "Making changes in a manufacturing company is probably the hardest thing that civilized man has ever set out to achieve"-comment in context of an organization switching to SCM.

4. (a) Define Benchmarking ? Define it's role in improvement of organizational efficiencies.

(b) Describe the Perspective Based Supply Chain Performance Measurement System.

5. (a) Discuss some programs and organizations that help in coordinating transportation in a better way.

(b) Describe role of "Mediation" and "Arbitration" in context of dispute resolution in a Supply Chain.

6. (a) How can reverse logistics cater to a green supply chain strategy in the future?

(b) How can one compensate for the absence of inventory to meet demand fluctuations in case of services?

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