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Sunday, 16 February 2014 16:39

Ms-55 December, 2011 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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December, 2011

MS-55 : Logistics and Supply Chain Management

1. (a)   What are the primary responsibilities of logistics group and marketing group within an organization ? Why there is a conflict between the two ?

(b) State some of the strategies that are followed in implementation of Efficient Consumer Response (ECR).

2. (a)  What are the reasons for variability in the supply chain ? Discuss the methods of reducing variability.

(b) Explain global sourcing and its advantages and disadvantages.

3. (a)  Discuss some limitations of software packages of SCM.

(b)  Are manufacturers better candidates for IT enablement than service organizations ? Why or why not ?

4. (a)  What is Customer Profitability Analysis ? Why it has gained importance in the recent ti mes ?

(b) What is the essence of the Balanced Score card method of performance measurement ?

5. (a)  Discuss the role of transportation within a supply chain. What are the suitable transport mode for small, high value shipments and large, low value shipments ?

(b)  Discuss the interdependence of location decision and distribution decision.

6. (a)  How can reverse logistics cater to a green supply chain strategy in the future ?

(b)  Which players in the health care sector are likely to die out as a result of changing supply chain scenario ? 

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