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Ms-58 December, 2011 Management of R&D and Innovation

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December, 2011

Ms-58 : Management of R&D and Innovation

1. (a)  What are the factors which impinge heavily on the growth and quality of life in India ? What is the Japanese model of technology and technological innovation ?

(b)  Elaborate your understanding about major issues related to the nature of technological change.

2. (a)  Explain the relationship between design, innovation and market. Why is design important in the market context ?

(b)   Discuss the various issues related to technology sourcing.

3. (a)  Discuss the rationale of partnership in innovation and R and D. Why is the need for partnership in innovation felt more strongly today ?

(b)  Define innovation. What are the distinctive characteristics of innovative persons ?

4. (a)  What is the genesis of Team Concept ? How do individuals convert themselves into a team ?

(b)  What is a learning organisation ? Describe the process of learning in an organisation.

5. (a)  Elaborate your views on the causes of failure of R and D projects.

(b)  Discuss the salient features of the technology policy of India. What have been the achievements and failures of the technology policy ?

6. (a)  What do you mean by Patent Trade mark and Copyright ? Suggest various measures for the protection of these rights.

(b)  How do we manage the funds for R and D and technology development ? Also discuss briefly the role of government in R and D funding. 

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