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Ms-58 June, 2011 Management of R& D and Innovation

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June, 2011

Ms-58 : Management of R&D and Innovation

1.  (a) What is the interaction between science, technology and business ? How do these interactions affect industrial growth ? Discuss with suitable examples.

(b) Critically examine the role of market research in product development. Discuss the pros and cons of market research based R&D.

2.  (a) Explain the following techniques of enhancing or maintaining the creativity

(i)  Brainstorming

(ii)  Synectics

(b) Discuss the roles of R&D with the help of examples.

3.  (a) "In a highly competitive industry, business should be technology driven". Do you agree ? Give reasons.

(b) Discuss the various types of approaches for R&D budgeting. Which approach in your opinion would be most desirable ?

4.  (a) Who can be partners in innovation Discuss their rote and limitations.

(b) Elaborate your understanding about. LEADERSHIP, What are the four different Leadership Styles as reflected in the Blanchard model ? How are these styles interrelated ?

5.  (a) What are the resources required for R&D activity ? Write a critical note on availability of relevant resources for R&D in India.

(b)  Discuss the various issues related to technology transfer.

6.  (a) What is a patent ? What are the conditions attached for Patentability ?

(b) Suggest few measures for enhancing the role of consultants in R&D and innovation. 

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