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Ms-58 June, 2010 Management of R&D and Innovation

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June, 2010

Ms-58 : Management of R&D and Innovation

1(a) Discuss the various measures for determining the benefits of technological innovation.

(b) What is R & D ? Briefly explain the various facets of R & D.

2.(a) Elaborate your understanding about market oriented product development method. Compare it with the traditional method.

(b) What do you understand by technology portfolio analysis ? Explain.

3. (a) What could be different types of approaches used for R & D budgeting ? Which pproach in your opinion would be most desirable ?

(b) How would you define innovation ? What are the distinctive characteristics of innovating persons ?

4(a) How do we measure the worth of R & D project output ? Discuss.

(b) Describe in detail organisations related with R & D under the Central Government.

5. (a) Discuss the salient features of the Technology Policy of India. What have been the achievement and failure of the technology policy ?

(b) How is technology transfer in India done from laboratory to industry ? Describe the various steps.

6. (a) What is intellectual property rights ? What are TRIPS ? Discuss major differences between Indian Laws and TRIPS.

(b) Write a short essay on consultancy services in India.

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