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Ms-66 December, 2011 Marketing Research

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December, 2011

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1. (a) Discuss the relevance and the scope for conducting Marketing Research in the current competitive scenario.

(b) Why it is necessary for marketers to estimate the value and cost of information before conducting research ? Elaborate.

2. (a) What type of research objectives and information needs may necessitate use of secondary data ? Identify various sources of secondary data.

(b) Explain the sources of error in primary data collection.

3. (a) What is qualitative research and what are its uses ?

(b) Discuss the various steps involved in data processing in a marketing research study.

4. Write short notes on  any three  of the following ;

(a) Quasi experimental design

(b) Criteria for good measurement

(c) Convenience sampling method

(d) Multi dimensional scaling

(e) Characteristics of a good questionnaire


5. You work in the marketing research department of Burgerking, a fast food firm known for its quality and competitive pricing. Burgerking has developed a new cooking process that makes burgers taste better. However before the new burger is introduced in the market.taste tests will be conducted ?

Questions :

(a) How should the sample size for the taste test be determined ?

(b) Develop a series of questions/questionnaire to obtain feedback post taste tests from the target respondents comprising the young college goers. 

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